Secretly Embarrassed You’re Not Doing Better?

  • Are you writing off large chunks of time and MONEY from your billing statements every month because you’re afraid you’ll lose the client?
  • Are you afraid to charge for your time for the same reason?
  • Do you ever wonder WHEN your next new client is going to hire you?
  • Are you struggling with figuring this “marketing” thing out?
  • Are you angry at yourself that you haven’t accomplished more at this stage in your life and practice?

That was me!  I was all of these. I was two weeks away from filing personal bankruptcy.  That was back in 1998.  Then I started to change my thinking and mindset and began figuring this “marketing” thing out.  I went from being retained on a random, hit or miss basis, never knowing if I would have enough money to pay the mortgage, to a steady stream of new IRS Problem clients each and EVERY month. I started working ONLY with clients I wanted to and repelled the rest!

I began working “on” my business instead of “in” it.  

The marketing, and operational, strategies I learned and implemented helped me to build one of the largest, most successful and reputable IRS Problem Client Niche businesses in the country!

One of things I figured out was that being a great CPA didn’t always equate to financial success. It wasn’t until I learned that my service deliverables were secondary to the fact that I was in the business of marketing first and foremost. Sure, you have to be technically proficient, but when you change your thinking to marketing your information versus marketing for “cases/clients” it’s a game-changer and huge advantage to you. It enables you to stand out from the crowd, to cut through the clutter and not be like everybody else out there. How many ways can you say “Free No Obligation Confidential Consultation”?

By marketing your information and educational content you enter the conversation that’s going on in your prospects head, you are casting a much wider net when you market your information (in exchange for the prospects contact info) and it significantly lowers your overall cost per lead, costs to acquire a new client and your advertising investment. CPAs, Lawyers and Enrolled Agents who “get” this new way of thinking, and work it, generally are in the top 5% of earners!!

Showing you how to market your information is just one of the cutting edge, new economy marketing strategies I teach at my Tax & Business Solutions Academy.

My Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit is your complete business system. This system is a step-by-step blueprint that gets you more pay-in-advance, high value tax resolution clients than you ever thought possible! Your phones will be ringing off the hook and taxpayers will be lined up ready to hire you!! Go to my homepage for free marketing tips and to learn more about supercharging your profits!!

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What are your waiting for??  Supercharge your profits!

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