Secure Appointments With IRS Problem Clients

tax-resolution-business-podcast (1)It’s one thing to get an IRS case lead.  It's another to convert that lead into an appointment - it's a WHOLE other thing to actually get that IRS problem client to SHOW UP for the appointment (via call or in person). Once I discovered how to do this, I increased my close ratio by 5x.

I adopted what high end restaurants and day spas call "the reservation system". When someone was very interested in our tax resolution services, we'd ask them to secure their appointment with a credit card. If they use their credit card, they are more inclined to show up to the appointment. It's a deeper commitment.  After implementing this strategy, clients were 5x more likely to show up. If they didn’t want to use their card to secure an appointment, we would pencil them in and inform them that if there was someone else who wanted an appointment at the same time with a credit card they are subject to be bumped to another time. That would make them want to give us their credit card even more to secure an appointment.

We are not in the business of charging cards for the love of it. In 16 years of representing clients to the IRS I can count on my hand the amount of times that we had to charge the consultation fee for no-shows.

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