Secure Serious IRS Tax Problem Leads


The most successful tax resolution professionals value their expertise. Valuing expertise begins with valuing time. You only want to be talking to leads who are serious about wanting to have their IRS problems gone from their life.


Sure, you want tax resolution leads. But more importantly, you want QUALITY tax resolution leads!

When I discovered how to get my IRS problem case leads to SHOW UP for their appointments (phone and live meetings) I increased my close ratio by 5x.

Here's how I did it and how you can optimize your tax resolution marketing funnel - I applied a technique that high end restaurants and spas call “the reservation system”. When someone was very interested in my company's tax resolution services, my staff would ask them to secure their appointment with a credit card.

This tactic helps show deeper commitment, before the meeting ever happens. If folks didn’t want to use their card to secure an appointment, we would pencil them in and inform them that if there was someone else who wanted an appointment at the same time with a credit card they are subject to be bumped to another time. This strategy would make someone one the "serious fence" see the sense of urgency and secure an appointment.

In my 16 years of representing clients to the IRS, I can count on one hand the amount of times that we had to charge the consultation fee for no-shows.

I talk more about this on my The Tax Resolution Business podcast on Itunes:

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