Success Starts Within Yourself

Today's blog post on success is inspired by the Director of Operations at our Tax & Business Solutions Academy (and my amazing wife), Roslyn Rozbruch- Success starts within yourself!

There is a common link I’ve noticed about successful people. On the road to success, no one’s road is a smooth, paved surface; everyone has rocks or boulders on their path. What separates a successful person from one who isn’t, is the successful person will find a way around the rock, over it, or through it, or they will chip it away. The person who isn’t successful will look at a boulder in the road and say, “The road is blocked and I can’t get around this rock.”

Roslyn reminds our family of about this all the time and this thought goes along with some of what I say during my talks about my Road Map to Success. It’s a simple observation that goes along with so many sayings we’ve all heard like seeing the glass as half-empty or half-full. I’m always fascinated about people’s stories, and every successful person that I know personally or have admired from afar. Its inspiring to hear how someone has overcome adversity. 

Success starts within yourself. How can you achieve what you want or overcome the obstacle in your way if you don’t believe in yourself and what you are doing? It means getting past the idea that even if you believe in yourself, other people may not. I’ve heard some people say that while they believe in what they are doing, they’ve gotten flak from others—maybe their friends, family, or peers who’ve said, “Oh that’s not going to work.” That’s what most people told me 17 years ago when I started my tax resolution practice. That was back when it was a new industry.

Back then Roslyn told me that she believed in me and not to share my dreams with naysayers. No one has a better interest in your success than you. It’s so easy for someone to say, “That can’t be done; that’s not a good idea.” Don’t let an obstacle be the rock in the road or somebody else’s opinion stop you from you following your dreams. If you have conviction in what you are doing, forge ahead. Just bring good tools with you on your journey.

I wish you nothing but success!