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Without a Doubt, This Has Been the Best Business Decision That I Have Made

I have been involved with Roz Strategies for almost two years and recently joined Michael's Mastermind Group. I doubt I would have been able to get, much less ask for, a $100,000 fee that I just received on a large IRS debt case without being in Michael's mastermind group. Without a doubt, this has been the best business decision that I have made as I expanded my practice to tax resolution. I have learned a lot about marketing and have become more confident in my abilities as a resolution practitioner. I have been able to learn quite a bit from my Mastermind peers as well. These folks pass along help, in whatever form required, to make me a better marketer and practitioner. Needless to say, I would be much further behind my current pace if I had not met Michael and his team.

Perry Cronin, CPA, Cronin & Company


$166,000 in Additional Income in 2018!

Roz-man, thank you for all you've done for me over the past few years, but especially in 2018 when it all really started to come together. I made $127,000 (rounded) in tax resolution fees and another $39,000 in Audit Protection Plan fees. That's $166,000 in extra income that I wouldn't have made if I didn't have the good fortune of knowing the Roz-Man. And, of course, well beyond the money, you're an even better guy who I consider a dear friend.

Peter Marchiano, Jr., CPA


$50,000 in Additional Net Income This Tax Season

To date, we have shown Michael's Audit Protection Plan to 536 of our clients and 96% have taken the plan generating approximately $30,000 in revenue. We have another 400 clients on extension and we are expecting the same 96% client "take-rate", that will bring in an additional $20,000. In total we will have added about $50,000 in additional net income this tax season. We can't believe how easy this was to implement. And the best part is, this will become a recurring annual income event year, after year.

Chris Churchwell, Partner and CPA at Churchwell Hedman Tax Group


$40,000 in New Tax Resolution Business from 1 Presentation!

“I just couldn’t wait to share the results with you about using your Referral Generation Machine presentation. I did a presentation in Phoenix, Arizona using your templated Power Point slide deck to a room full of practitioners. I walked out of there with 11very qualified leads and 8 new cases!! And, this was my first time using it. I would say, that this one presentation I did will equate to over $40,000 in new tax resolution business! Thank you, Michael!"

Antonio Nava, EA Pacific Tax Solutions


$45,000 in Fees in 15 days from just 2 clients!

“I closed two cases this week totaling 45K in fees. Both payroll tax related. I should close another case between 25 and 30K next week. That’s between 60 – 65K and the month isn’t half over yet! This kind of success is new to me and is causing me to grow as a person. They didn’t even flinch when I quoted them the fee!

We doubled our office space at the beginning of November. I plan to hire at least one new person, but probably two. I can remember putting these kinds of goals on the index cards you had us do at the Mastermind meeting. I am seeing the result of those goals now. Writing goals down is very important. Now I need to do some news goals!

It was your Mastermind that pushed me to these results, from you and the interaction from the other MM members. For anyone that is serious about growing their practice, a Mastermind is a must. You and I both know, not everyone is going to take the tools to grow their practices, but for those who do, look out and hold on for the ride.”

From one of your most loyal students, Greg Nunn, CPA


300% Increase in Fees!

"Just wanted to let you know that since I went to your conference in Austin, I have increased my fees substantially, and charged fees of $20k, $18k and $12k for tax rep fees for three clients, that I probably would have charged $5k-10k before attending and really listening to you. Thank you for encouraging me not to undervalue my services. So instead of charging $15k to $30k, I charged $50k. Definitely worth attending!

Thank you for your encouragement!"

Victoria J. Blasiak, CPA


I've been in the tax business for 30+years doing tax prep and some accounting work. Since getting Michael's System about 6 weeks' ago, I've been retained by four new IRS tax resolution clients for a total of $27,000 using his Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit. I don't care if I ever do another tax return again!

Vickie T. Smith, EA


I have read 3 of the 4 volumes of the Domination Kit and am glad that I purchased it. I did listen to every single monthly tele-coaching call back to August 2014, and must say that this is the most informative information I have ever received. It is all real dealings with the IRS (hearing actual people's dealings) as opposed to reading books or publications about how to deal with the IRS. And of course Michael's response on how to deal with the particular issue or how to deal with the agent/officer was extremely helpful.

William F. Deighan, CPA, EA


I Can't Wait to See the Results from the Rest of My Clients!

Within an half hour of the webinar ending yesterday, I sold an existing tax prep client a $249 audit protection plan for his trust return an one for $79.95 for his 1040 return! I hadn't even opened the email from Michael containing the client brochure and the rest of the materials that I just purchased! I can't wait to see the results from the rest of my clients!!

Nick Orlando, CPA


You are providing the highest quality training and education to tax practitioners today

As the CEO of www.taxconnections.com, I speak with thousands of tax professionals each year. The list is long of tax professionals who walk away from your program armed with strategies for success.

You are providing the highest quality training and education to tax practitioners today. You are helping them save their clients extraordinary amounts of money, time and emotional pain.

You are one of the good guys out there helping the tax resolution profession and taxpayers at the same time!

Kat Jennings, CEO, www.taxconnections.com

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