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Michael, thanks again to you and everyone at Roz Strategies!

Michael, I wanted to send you this note to let you know how appreciative I am of your coaching program and your entire team. Roz Strategies has changed my professional life. I'll never forget the day I sat at my computer in November and was watching your webinar broadcast with the sole intent of cramming in some year-end CPE. At the time, I knew nothing about tax resolution and had absolutely no intent of getting into the business. At the time, I was a struggling solo practitioner with very little money, a 1-year-old, and a pregnant wife at home. Despite this, immediately after your webinar ended, I made undoubtedly the best investment of my career by purchasing your Tax Resolution Success System and enrolling in your coaching program.

Since enrolling in your coaching program, every aspect of my business has changed for the better. I was skeptical at first, but can say with resounding confidence that everything you have recommended has made me money (and I've tested some others you didn't recommend and those were all losers). For other skeptical practitioners out there, take it from me, the system works. Within 5 months of sending out referral letters and newsletters, I successfully landed appointments with the following potential clients:

  1. Attorney who owed the IRS $90,000
  2. Former Financial Advisor who owed the IRS $240,000
  3. Business Owner who owed $138,000 with 3 years of unfiled returns
  4. Small Business that owed the IRS $78,000 in unpaid payroll taxes
  5. Retired CPA who lost an audit in 2001, stopped filing returns, owes $89,000 and has 13 years of unfiled returns
  6. Travel Agent who owes the IRS $450,000!
  7. And numerous others...

Unfortunately, not all of these folks became clients because I am still mastering your ‘high ticket sales strategy’. Nonetheless, without putting your system into action, I would never have had the chance to even meet with these types of clients. Within five months, I can already feel the momentum building towards being “the guy” for tax resolution in my local market. I just hope that nobody else from my local market reads this testimonial and has deeper pockets and decides to compete against me!

Michael, thanks again to you and everyone at Roz Strategies! I am so satisfied with every aspect of your program that I would do about anything to keep it out of my competitors hands. For those practitioners not in my local market, do your families a favor and enroll in this program and get in the tax resolution business. It's the best professional decision I have ever made."

Toph Sheldon, CPA for the Self-Employed®


The venue, content, speakers and networking opportunity were all exceptional. I am transitioning from a traditional tax practice (sole practitioner) to a tax resolution-only practice. I see this as an opportunity to not only earn above-average fees, but to help clients get their lives back. At this stage in my career, I can't think of more meaningful work to do, so again, thank you.

Larry Halverson, CPA Halverson LLC


The majority of my business, both tax resolution and tax preparation, come from referrals and utilizing your Referral Toolkit. This week alone I landed 5 new clients... 2 tax resolution... 2 tax preparation and one special project for a client of an attorney from attending networking events and referrals. My revenue is up over 50% YTD compared to last year at this time and we are just starting the 2nd quarter! I didn't even start tax resolution until after tax season had ended last year. I listen to your CD's and re-read your manuals when time permits.

Patrick Noone, CPA PJN Tax Solutions Group, Inc.


Since we began to participate in Michael Rozbruch's Tax & Business Solutions Academy in July, we have made several minor operational changes, and some major marketing improvements. We're in control of our business future like never before and it feels good. We've re-vamped our business cards with a fresh-looking new logo, and redesigned our brochure based on the material from our Insider's Call.

We also have better work flow systems with the help of RozStrategies. The improved efficiency has benefited all of us in the office, especially clients.

In total, the Direct Mail, Newspaper and other referral sources, and sequential follow-up letters resulted in 55 appointments from September 25th through December 10th. We'll continue to work toward improving our average fee and close rate. The Insider's Call with Millionaire Smarts is motivating. Bottom line, without RozStrategies, I doubt we would have been able to so quickly restructure our sales, marketing and operations to our current results.

Karen M. Lee, Tax Resolution Associate at Alliance Tax Resolution Service and Member of the Insider's Circle Group


I've been in the tax resolution business for a long time. I had deluded myself into thinking that I really couldn't learn anything more on the technical side of handling IRS problems. On day one within 5 hours I learned something that will totally transform my business - on the technical side of things that I honestly didn't know. That was surprising to me. I had a lot of take aways on the process side - how to run my business a lot better. I'm really excited. I know this is going to blow my business away!"

Darrin T. Mish, Esq.


I work for Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Karen Lee at Alliance Tax in Elm Grove, WI. You have been working with/coaching them the last few months.

I tuned into the webinar you offered last night and wanted to tell you, IT WAS AMAZING! You're ideas are wise, savvy and smart! Your focus is admirable and inspirational! I am so excited about tax resolution!

Karen teaches and works with myself and the other staff daily to ensure we are following your guidelines and finding success in what we do - which, WE ARE!

Thank you for sharing your GREAT ideas and techniques with us and others - I am so excited about the future of Alliance Tax! THANK YOU!!!

Mariah Pace, Tax Resolution Specialist, Alliance Tax Resolution Service


My team was already great at Tax Problem Resolution. Michael has helped us become even better. I highly recommend Michael's program. He is a very high-energy, high information, service oriented gentleman. He is always available with good information and ready to answer any questions. Thank you Michael.

Eric Button, Certified Public Accountant and Attorney at Law,


testimonial_joeWell, Michael - you said it would happen... and you were right! As of yesterday, I've booked just over $62,000 in tax res work! This is in just a little over 2½ months! And over 60% of that came in since Sept 1st. I've been putting out the word - mailing letters to existing and some former clients, other referral sources such as attorneys, realtors etc. I will start speaking to realtor groups and do some radio spots and whatever else your brilliant mind comes up with! And I've done all of this with no employees and no other support staff in a fairly small town of about 125,000. One more month like this last one and I'm going to have to hire some help - or go crazy. I can work 10 hours a day - but beyond that, things start to fall off the edge.

I can't thank you enough for all your help. What I've learned from you has definitely made my life a lot better. And even though I still sometimes feel like I'm in over my head - knowing I have a support group to turn to for help is really comforting. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys at the Super Advanced Seminar in Vegas. By the way - I just passed the CTRS exam and that's another great thing. This work is so great - higher fees for specialty work and the absolutely excellent feeling you get when you help someone truly solve a huge problem.

I wish this had happened earlier in my career but - I'm just so happy it happened at all! And it wouldn't have - without your mentoring. So - thank you again for all you do and all you have done.

Michael, you changed my life. Before I learned about Roz Strategies. I had know idea what I could be doing. Now that I know. I'm doing it! Thanks Michael

Joe Gray, CPA


I received the Tax Resolution Success Resource System Manual last Thursday and read it cover to cover yesterday. Like you, I've been doing this work since 1998. I first saw your manual for sale at a conference in Las Vegas in September 2014. I decided to purchase it if only for the sample letters. Doing this type of work for so long I thought I knew most of what you had in the manual. I must say that some of the material is new to me. There is also quite a bit that I either forgot or needed a refresher on. I've sent letters to almost all of the referral sources you mention without much success. I don't know if it was the letter itself or the timing. That's why I said I wanted it for the sample letters. I've stopped sending the reminder letters to people that didn't engage me. You've reminded me I need to do that. Getting a credit card number to bill a no show just might eliminate that problem in my practice. These are just a few of the items in the manual that will help me in my practice."

Summary: Even a ‘seasoned veteran' to the tax resolution area can benefit from this manual.

Charles K. Montecino, CPA, Montecino & Ciaccia, P. A.


testimonial_charlieI've been in Michael's Mastermind Group from the beginning. I was a charter member but I wanted more. I'm very happy that I made it to the Tax Resolution Platinum Mastermind Group. It's been everything and more. I got 125% out of this The strategies are wonderful. Having access to Michael in an intimate basis is also wonderful. Having access to sharp people. It's been a great Mastermind. The cost is minimal compared to what you get out of it!"

Charlie Price, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Attorney (Orlando)
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