Success Summit Training Course

My live demonstration Success Summit approach to marketing, sales and management will guide you in a way that is like an on-site, “look over my shoulder” two-day private coaching session from me.

Get the course DVDs where I go “deep” into my step-by-step process as you create your own customized marketing plan using the fill-in-the-blanks, follow along Playbook. This is specifically for CPAs, Attorneys and EAs who want to jump start their marketing, hit the ground running on setting up all their front office systems and get their sales process perfected to get retained by more clients using my One Call Close process and other sales strategies, including overcoming objections!

Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on marketing, if you don’t have a system for qualifying prospects, answering the phones, or better yet, knowing how to get retained and having the client pay your fees up front, you’ve just wasted a lot of money on marketing.

In this NEW Course you will receive:

  • 13 hours of in-depth, very specific training on 13 professionally edited DVDs PLUS the 237 page Fill-In-Template Playbook and Recordings available in a single Thumb Drive!

Yes, these are some of the most important strategies I teach in my Tax Resolution System BUT watching these DVD’s and following along in the Playbook is like I’m teaching you “live” in your office. You can focus on the best strategies and Systems for your individual practice.

Fill out your Playbook and complete your individualized written marketing plan. I’ll show you how to figure out what you need to spend on marketing each month to achieve your individual income projections. My Success Summit approach can guide you in a way that is like an on-site, “look over my shoulder” two-day private coaching session from me.

This is a sample list of some of the topics I teach:

  • Creating your Marketing Plan
  • What You Should Budget for Marketing
  • What to Strategies you should Implement 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • What Your Website Should Look Like
  • How to Answer the Phones
  • How to Conduct The “One Call/Meeting Close”
  • How to Get Retained (Nearly Every Time)
  • How to Answer the 25 Most Common Sales Objections
  • Plus Much More…