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In a world filled with honest Americans, HELPLESS

before the ravaging forces of the IRS,

We need more 

Tax Professionals! 

than ever before!

Join us August 25 - 27th, 2022
for the 2022 Virtual Tax Resolution Success Summit!

Superheroes Do NOT Procrastinate
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Calling all CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Attorneys...

We are gathering the top Tax Professionals in the nation to discuss the critical state of the IRS and how to thrive and profit in the new economy.

Our clients, and our nation, needs us more than EVER before! 

That's why we are hosting this year's 2022 Tax Resolution Success Summit so that YOU can UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL & SUPERPOWER to save the financial lives of your clients.

Register TODAY!
- The Roz (Super) Man

Join us for a 360-degree, totally interactive experience
at our Virtual seventh Annual Tax Resolution Success Summit!


Thursday, August 25th, 2022 11:00am - 8:30pm ET (8:00am - 5:30pm PT)

You’ll Create Your own Strategic MARKETING PLAN!
​Reverse engineering the numbers in your business to Achieve Revenue Goals.
​How to conduct a 100% VIRTUAL Tax Resolution business!


Friday, August 26th, 2022 11:00am - 8:30pm ET (8:00am - 5:30pm PT)

Close the Sale and Save LIVES!
​Find the hidden opportunity in your practice you didn’t even know exists.
Get more phone calls, new clients, and raving fans!


Saturday, August 27th, 2022 11:00am - 5:00pm ET (8:00am - 2:00pm PT)

​Best Practices for running a Successful Tax Resolution Business!
How to Onboard new clients from getting transcripts and a collection hold to final resolution and more.

 August 25-27th, 2022, From Your Home or Office!


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 August 25-27th, 2022

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From the comfort of your home or office!



your life and 
your business!


 Tax Professionals

 looking to scale their 
tax business!

We’re going VIRTUAL!

A Message from
Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CTRS
Founder of Roz Strategies


We're in unprecedented times due to Covid-19, which means YOU have an unprecedented opportunity right now because I'm doing a 3-day intensive and it's coming up quickly.

I'm giving you unprecedented access, meaning that I'm going to be with you in your home of office for three full days, making sure we actually get you to implement the tactics that we're going to be teaching.  

This is a highly interactive 3D immersive experience  and the best news is you don't have to get on a plane,  you don't have to get in your car and you don't have to stay at a hotel.  You can participate from the comfort of your home or office.

It's possible to completely turn your practice around in 3 days. And, that's my goal for you.  Because of Covid-19, many of you probably thought this was going to be the worst year of your life and I'm going to show you how it can be the best year.

This will be the year you always remember as the year you turned your life and your business around and it doesn't have to be this hard.

This event is going to be a mix of "Learn", "Do" and "Share" that your actually putting ideas you learn here into action in real time,  because I know that when you learn, and then you actually do, you're more likely to continue doing it.

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now... and there's a lot of uncertainty as a business owner. HOWEVER, I want to encourage you to move forward, adjust quickly, and take action! As tax professionals, we are all in this together and we have a moral obligation to serve our clients. The key is you can't do this alone. That is why I am committed to give you everything you need, the resources, systems, and community/networking, so you can WIN amidst this pandemic/recession. 

Make no mistake about it the Tax Resolution Success Summit Virtual event is not going to be some “rinky dink” webinar or "GoToMeeting" experience.

The Virtual Success Summit is a full-on live production at a studio where we will do everything I planned to do in-person. All of our speakers are flying into the studio to deliver the same inspirational, high-value content. We will have a vibrant, FUN, educational and interactive networking event including a Virtual Exhibit Hall with all our great sponsors there. You’ll get your questions answered live, by me, as if you were in the room with me.

We're committed to blow you away with this year's event. BOOM! 

To Your Success!

The Tax Resolution Success Summit Will Be Held VIRTUALLY August 25-27, 2022
  • Competitive Advantage - Leap frog all the expensive trial and error your competitors are experiencing because you're here and they're not! Learn not just to survive all the changes our industry is going through, but to thrive! You'll learn how to prepare for the onslaught of new tax resolution clients coming your way due to the COVID-19 economic meltdown.
  • Laser Focused - Our attendees have the opportunity to directly speak to our guest speakers and sponsors getting access to ninja strategies that only few enjoy. And of course you can connect one-on-one with the Roz Strategies Team, including Michael, allowing you to get the answers you need.
  • The Speakers - the information you'll receive is not found anywhere else. This 2-1/2 day event is customized to tax practitioner firm owners and their teams so that they can build a lucrative, thriving practice. The speakers we've chosen are experts on practice building topics.
  • Our Roz Strategies Team - We are the only company in the country who have devoted ourselves to teaching direct response marketing principles to CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Attorneys in the tax resolution niche.


additional speakers coming soon...

Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CTRS
CEO, Founder of Roz Strategies

superpower: God father of tax resolution
You Are Just One Strategy Away...)
Michael Rozbruch is the pioneer in the tax resolution industry, has a proven “in-the-trenches” track record as evidenced by accumulating 168 month over month consecutive revenue growth culminating in $23 million in revenue in just one year alone.

Michael is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and is the founder of Roz Strategies® and Michael Rozbruch’s Tax and Business Solutions Academy®, an eLearning, training and coaching services company that trains and helps CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Attorneys build highly profitable practices through proven marketing and sales systems and strategies. But he doesn’t stop there. He also trains on how to “close” the sale, manage the client relationship and knows firsthand how a best practice IRS Representation business should be run and operated.

Michael Franzese
Former Mob Boss, Speaker, Businessman


superpower: Negotiation Mastery
Michael Franzese grew up as the son of the notorious Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family. At his most affluent, Michael was generating an estimated $5 to $8 million per week from legal and illegal businesses and in 1986, was named one of the biggest money earners the mob had seen since Al Capone, by Vanity Fair. At the age of 35, Fortune Magazine listed him as number 18 on its list of the “Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses,” just 5 behind John Gotti.

All that was to change when Michael met a beautiful dancer from California named Camille Garcia whose beauty and faith would turn his world upside down causing Michael to do the unthinkable – walk away from the mob. Nobody of his rank had ever just walked away – and lived. Until now.

This former "Prince of the Mafia” is now a man on a mission determined to use the compelling experiences of his former life for the benefit of others. As the author of the book, “I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse”, no one can teach negation skills better than Franzese, who will share his insider secrets with you. He will change the way you see business forever.

Dave Dee
Educator, Entertainer, Author, Speaker

Superpower: EMCEE and email magic mastery
For more than 20 years, Dave has been helping professionals craft one-to-many sales presentations for in-person or over-the-phone sales. Dave used to be a struggling entertainer/mentalist, and then he discovered the power of sales and marketing and his business skyrocketed from 3 shows a month to averaging 25 shows a month in less than 90-days.

For the past three years, Dave Dee has joined us at the Tax Resolution Success Summit teaching attendees everything from selling over the phone to Supercharging your website by turning website visitors into paying clients. This year, once again, Dave Dee will be teaching best practices on selling strategies that will supercharge your profits®. Dave’s focus is helping motivated professional practice owners achieve the goals, visions, and missions that are most important to them. And no one will entertain you more while learning than Dave Dee.

Bari Baumgardner
Founder SAGE Event Management

Superpower: mINDSET - the power to pivot
Bari Baumgardner is the founder of SAGE Event Management, best known for leveraging the power of a live event to deliver purpose-driven events for coaches, authors, and speakers. Her strategy is the foundation for many of the industry’s most successful live virtual events and some of her clients include: Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, and Jack Canfield.

In March 2020, when in-person events were shut down throughout the country, due to COVID-19, Bari needed to make a pivot fast, so SAGE began producing virtual events and launched Obvio, a proprietary technology platform to create a truly immersive, interactive virtual event experience for attendees, hosts and speakers. SAGE has quickly become the nation’s leader in the virtual event space in just the last two years.

In June of 2020 Michael and Roslyn knew they needed to make a pivot from their Annual August in-person Tax Resolution Success Summit to Virtual. Bari showed them the way to help people stay engaged for 3-days, by having guests interact with speakers on stage, breakout into small groups and gamification to make the event more fun. This is their 3rd year having SAGE produce their live virtual Success Summit, and Michael and Roslyn invited Bari to speak at this year’s event to inspire attendees as much as she’s inspired them.
Keynote Speaker & Direct Response Marketing Expert
Growth expert and best-selling author, Brian Kurtz is the Authority on Direct Response Marketing. He’s learned his lessons from sending 1.3 billion direct mail pieces and has bought over $80 million of media. He’s mastered the marketing of newsletters, books, e-books and using e-mail and social media in huge numbers. For 34 years, Brian was the force behind Boardroom Inc., an iconic publisher and he helped build that company to $150 million at its height.

Brian loves direct response marketing and considers himself to be a serial direct marketer saying, “I believe that marketing isn’t everything—it’s the only thing. There’s no other form of advertising that measures everything we do; and with direct response marketing, online and offline, your marketing either works or it doesn’t…and the numbers don’t lie.”

Brian’s insights alone are worth attending this virtual summit to hear, and besides sharing his knowledge and information that will be useful for you to use in your practice, Brian will motivate you giving you a boost of confidence. All attendees will receive a copy of his most recent book, “Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing”

Brian Kurtz
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Andre Norman
Ambassador of Hope, Speaker

From Prison Yard to Harvard Yard
Known to many as “The Ambassador of Hope”, Andre’s experience and expertise is what empowers him to help people turn their situation around. From illiteracy to gang activity, Andre’s childhood prepared him for nothing less than a life of crime. This behavior led Andre to be sentenced to over 100 years in prison. He rose to the top of the prison gang system where he managed gang activities from within a maximum-security prison. During his two year stay in solitary confinement, Andre had an “epiphany” and he made the decision to turn his life around. 

Over the next eight years, Andre worked twenty hours per/day towards making this dream a reality. First, he taught himself how to read, then to understand the law, as well as participating in anger management meetings. After serving fourteen years, Andre won his appeal, and armed with a GED and dream, he walked out of prison in 1999.

Having been exposed to both sides of the fence, Andre pulled from his experiences and created 180x, a program designed to teach individuals and corporations how to turn any situation around. Andre has traveled all over the world to serve as a mentor and listening ear for so many in need, and has lectured from Universities to corporations that include: Harvard University, MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, KPMG and Prudential.

Patrick Sheehan, Managing Attorney
President & Founder, IRS Trouble Solvers™

Are You Getting the Fees You Deserve?
Patrick T. Sheehan is a Roz Strategies Mastermind member, tax attorney and CEO of IRS Trouble Solvers, a
7-figure Chicago based tax resolution firm he founded in 1991. Pat has 33 years of experience assisting individuals and businesses with their IRS and state tax problems. Before stating his own firm, he was a former Special Assistant United States Attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel for 5 years where he specialized in collection matters.
Patrick is also a published author and has been retained as an expert witness in several tax cases. He is also the co-founder of Hops for Humanity, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which has raised over $175,000 to date for Chicagoland charities.

Parham Khorsandi, Esq.
Founder, Victory Tax Lawyers, LLP

superpower: How to deal with the irs
Parham has been in the Tax Industry for almost his entire career. He graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law, with an emphasis in Tax and Conflict Resolution. Parham worked with Michael at his tax resolution firm and was placed in charge of the “High-Dollar” and FBAR Department.

Prior to tax, Parham worked at Warner Bros., in the Intellectual Property department). Parham is certified to practice law in front of the California State Supreme Court, Federal District Court, and US Tax Court. He specializes in navigating through IRS practices to maximize solutions and get the best results for the firm’s clients. As a founding member of Victory Tax Lawyers, LLP, Parham knows the importance of providing excellent client care, with no exceptions.

Hugo Fernandez
CEO, Just Digital Inc. 

superpower: Digital Marketing
Hugo and team provides Website Design & Development, SEO Strategy and Branding for tax resolution firms and how to digitally follow-up with qualified leads to grow your tax practice - so you can win in your local market!  

Hugo Fernandez has personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business through his proven blueprint for creating an EPIC marketing strategy and online presence. He teaches doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners and freelancers the secrets to attracting a flood of high paying clients, increasing revenues and creating sustainable marketing campaigns. He's currently the CEO of Just Digital Inc, a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles and New York.

Nick Morgan
Founder & President
Perfectus Labs

superpower: Media Buying & Advertising
As a leading data science-driven marketer, Nick partners with companies on building 
media buying strategies that dissect ad platform algorithms and leverages data to 
create bleeding-edge tactics for a selective clientele. Nick has partnered with NFL 
teams, Fortune 500 companies, and many Internet Retailer 500 brands delivering 8 
figure wins. Nick also has mastery-level experience in local advertising tactics across 
industries, including tax resolution, finance, medical, legal, and wealth management. 
Understanding of data and marketing AI to beat the competition is Nick’s specialty
(We have an incredible lineup this year in-store)


Just Digital Inc., the Digital Marketing Agency & Team for Roz Strategies, will be available to answer any website, digital marketing, and social media questions. There will be a booth for you to have a free consultation with the Just Digital team so you can Supercharge Your Profits® with an epic online presence and digital marketing strategy. We are experts in the Tax Resolution Industry and have worked with Roz Strategies and many of their members for over 4 years from branding and website to Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns.
Hugo Fernandez has personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business through his proven blueprint for creating an EPIC marketing strategy and online presence. He teaches doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners and freelancers the secrets to attracting a flood of high paying clients, increasing revenues and creating sustainable marketing campaigns. He's currently the CEO of Just Digital Inc, a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles and New York

Isaac, Senior Account Manager at Just Digital, is passionate in efficiency, technology, and focuses on three essential roles: 1. Marketing Strategy implementation; working with clients and the team to execute on the strategy. 2. Marketing Automation; using various softwares/tools to market without compromising time. 3. Systemizing and Streamlining; creating systems and optimizing processes. Isaac has managed several successful Tax Resolution PPC campaigns and kickstarted multiple Tax Resolution projects with new branding and websites.


Dedicated to not only helping you succeed in your practice; The Roz Team is here to assist you in any way they can. They’ve been working behind the scenes for months to make sure this year’s event is the best ever! If you need any assistance at all, from booking a room, to getting your event tickets, or have a question about the event reach out to Becky or Ruthie at
Roslyn Rozbruch
Becky Stephens
Manager of Client Happiness
Ruthie Ponce
Project Manager
John Israelian
Sales & Client Care Executive
Karen Hood
Executive Assistant
Isaac Park
IT & Marketing
This Event is designed to unlock Your True Potential as a superhero Tax Resolution Specialist!
Are you ready for the BEST Tax Resolution Event of the Year?
 Thank you for all you do, it was a great experience, and I learned a lot of VALUABLE information!
This was my second Success Summit with Michael. I love the fact that your team is there for us regardless of our office size or how slow we are transitioning/ building the business. The summit reminded me that we are not alone. There is always someone that has been through the growing pains and can lend a hand. I met some great people!
– Debra Duncan

Success Summit was WONDERFUL!
Thank you Michael for an awesome presentation! 
- Charles Roche
Great Event, Great Speakers!
I loved all of the great info from Michael and all the speakers. Learning about the tax resolution industry, business, and how to handle different situations & objections. Very encouraging, motivating, and inspiring.

Larisa Humphrey, EA
Practical Strategies!! 
The program gave "actionable" concepts that I can use immediately in my practice. I am especially excited about the addition of social media capabilities. 

Alan Barber, CPA
Brilliant! Learned how to create demand for my services.
Learning about multiple marketing strategies and how to implement them in less than 3 days is invaluable. 

Dirk Danos, CPA
I've enjoyed my Third Success Summit!
I need to hear things repeated to fully understand their meaning. I've come away with several "Aha!" moments at my third summit. Thank you!

Ron Friedman, CPA
Love the Peer to Peer Learning
I enjoyed the information covered especially the sales & management office systems/processes. Very helpful to have this kind of processes and structures in place. 

Kelvin Gibson
Biggest Breakthroughs!
I enjoy the Tax Resolution Success Summits more than my family’s annual vacations. Practice tips and experiences that were shared by other practitioners, biggest breakthrough exercises - 

Vicki R. Bott, CPA
Check out the videos below of people who attended our past events.
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