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Most Common Tax Resolution Marketing Mistakes

The Three Most Common Mistakes Tax Resolution Practitioners Make When Marketing for New Clients Screen Shot 2015-11-30…</p data-lazy-src=

“14 Touch Point” Client Control Management Checklist

(Voice mail messages or sending e-mails don’t count as a “touch-point”. Only “live” conversations do.) 1st call – (24 hours) Review Engagement (scope of work) Letter and timing with client 2nd call – (48 - 72 hours) Verification of facts and circumstances with client about their situation 3rd call…

Reducing The Number of “No-Show" Potential Client Appointments

I’ve learned through the school of “hard knocks” that people who have some skin in the game are much more likely to honor their appointment with you than people who don’t.  But how do you get them to put this “skin in the game”?  Your time is very valuable, right? And you only want to meet with…