growing your tax resolution business

How To Get a $100,000 Fee in Your Tax Resolution Practice

Do you want to know how to collect $100,000 fee?  I know it sounds unbelievable, but these types of cases exist if you know what to look out for. Your bread and butter tax resolution cases are going to be in the $5,000-$7,000 fee range, but I've collected $100,000 fees in my tax practice, and one…

Tax Resolution Direct Response Marketing Winning Ingredients

Want to know the 3 most important winning ingredients for a successful direct response marketing campaign? Dan Kennedy, also known as the Millionaire Maker, and one of the top gurus in the direct response marketing world says, "Direct response marketing is designed to provoke an immediate response…

How to Get Tax Resolution Clients Referred to You

Get tax resolution clients referred to you from other experts! Watch my video to learn the 8 easy steps to get this going. Ready to grow your tax resolution practice? Watch and read on!

Do You Know What "Selling" Really Means?

It is critical to your success to know what selling really means. Watch my video to learn the REAL meaning of selling and the 3 "must" steps to closing the sale with a potential client.