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Roslyn's Food for Thought - What Challenges You?

This post is from my wife and business partner Roslyn Rozbruch: This past January marked our third annual Marketing and Technology Conference, which we host along with ASTPS. Coming home from the event, I had a conversation with Michael about the previous MTEs and how it all began back in…

Choosing Priorities

This guest blog post is written by my wife and my business partner, Roslyn Rozbruch (my biggest rock).  Michael and I joined a new mastermind group called the Genius Network. This is a different setting than what we’ve attended in the past. First off, it’s a larger group of about 250 people, with…

How Do You Face Challenges?

Roslyn Rozbruch - my business partner and wife - is the author of this post.  Roslyn Rozbruch - How do you face…</p data-lazy-src=