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Trump's New Tax Reform Bill is a Marketing Opportunity

Do you want to know how you can turn all the hoopla and noise around the new Tax Reform Bill into a huge marketing opportunity for you right now? News reporters, local TV news and, radio stations, are all looking for expert commentary on the new Tax Reform Act that goes into effect this year. What…

Tax Resolution Practitioners: Advance Your Master Plan

It’s the new year, and winter is here — and I don’t mean January-February snowstorms.…

Increase Your Revenue Without Spending a Penny

Tax Practitioners: Would you like to take home an extra $25,000 - $50,000 of passive income, each and every tax season, without adding a single new client?   

Online Workshop: Implement Your Own Audit Protection Plan

Free Online Workshop - Thursday, November 9, 2017 Discover This ONE PROVEN and SIMPLE strategy — adds thousands to your bottom line without having to add one new client or spend a penny on advertising!

Following Up with Your Online Leads

Tax Professionals - how do you follow up with your online leads? The Money is in the Follow Up -- Otherwise You’ve Just Flushed Your Marketing Spend Down the Drain! It's just as important to follow up with your leads you get from your online marketing efforts as it is with your offline leads.…

Making the Most of Your Tax Resolution Practice

Tax resolution practitioners, ask yourself this: When your clients walk out the door, do you think they will refer their friend or family member with IRS tax problems to you? 

What's on the Horizon?

Roslyn and I wrote this after we returned from our second annual Tax Resolution Success Summit. It was SO exciting to see that so many of our members have taken advantage of our 50 percent member discount and signed up to join us! Roslyn, Becky, Sue, and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with…

Following Up with Your Offline Leads

Tax professionals - how do you follow up with your leads? It’s mission critical for you to follow up with the leads you receive from your online and offline lead generation efforts. Offline leads are generated from marketing in newspapers, trade journals, brochures, newsletters—basically everything…

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Practicing positive self-talk is one of the first steps to becoming a successful tax resolution practitioner.  My most successful Tax & Business Solutions Academy members practice positive self-talk. Their mindset is tuned to be positive vs. dwelling on the negative. This translates into…

What You Shouldn't Be Doing to Get Tax Resolution Clients

This week I want to talk to you about something you shouldn't be doing, and that's buying leads from lead aggregators. Watch my video to find out more about why you shouldn’t buy leads from lead aggregators.

Biggest Fears About Doing Tax Resolution Work

Do you know the biggest fear CPAs, EAs and Attorneys have about doing tax resolution work? You might think it’s the marketing or selling the client—but actually the biggest fear most practitioners have, especially beginners, is actually doing the work! CPAs, EAs and Attorneys feel they need to know…

Tax Resolution Marketing: Message Match to Your Market

In my videos about Direct Response Marketing for your tax resolution practice, I have talked about the "Winning Ingredients" to get clients to come to you. (Watch that video here.) There are three keys to the process. The First Key is: Having a USP (Unique Selling Point) The Second Key is:…

Get Qualified Tax Resolution Clients Inexpensively

Did you know that using “match” sites is one of the least expensive ways to get retained by new tax resolution clients? What do I mean by a “match” site? Well, we're all familiar with 1-800-Dentist where they matched consumers with dental needs to the professional provider based on specialty,…

Tax Resolution Marketing: 10-Step Winning Formula for Radio Ads

One of the most effective ways on how I grew my tax resolution business was through radio advertising. I have a 10-Step winning formula for you to have the most effective response and the highest ROI. Click here to watch my video.

Do You Know What "Selling" Really Means?

It is critical to your success to know what selling really means. Watch my video to learn the REAL meaning of selling and the 3 "must" steps to closing the sale with a potential client.