Tax Practitioners - Want to Enjoy Year Round Revenue?

TAX PRACTITIONERS: Are you in the thick of tax season working super hard with little money in the bank worried about where your cash flow will be coming from after May?

It is understandable that you may not want to think about marketing for additional tax resolution work right now, but I want you to take a moment and really feel how you are feeling.

  • Do you feel motivated to get through all those tax returns when you know most of this commoditized tax preparation and accounting work is unprofitable?
  • Does it feel good to work so hard this time of year with little to show for it?
  • Do you want to feel this way next year?

If you want your revenue stream to flow throughout the year and not work SO HARD this time of year ever again, I recommend that you take a minute to read this post.

I work with solo CPAs and EAs and small CPA firm owners who are severely cash crunched right now. Most tax practitioners are working 80 hour weeks to meet the demands of clients before April 18th. They know they’ll make some money from these clients, but they also know those funds will have to last until next season.

Sound familiar?

This rollercoaster of profits and work leaves you feeling demoralized and drained. Imagine being on a racetrack and giving it your all, but you are riding on fumes that can only take you a short distance, but you have to keep going. The worst part is that this will repeat itself year after year until you make a change.

The change that will help you off the endless rollercoaster is to get your tax resolution practice going.

Tax season is the best time to present a solution to clients that have IRS problems and the best time to start marketing your tax resolution business. Here is why:

  • Taxes are on the top of everyone's minds, especially troubled taxpayers.
  • Your tax resolution cases will provide you with predictable cash flow and profits through the summer months.
  • The IRS issues levy and lien notices all year round but tax season is when your clients with IRS troubles are awake at night with worry.
  • Most of these cases can be worked AFTER April 18th.

CPAs/EAs/Attorneys, if you are tired of revving up when all you have to run on is fumes, then it is time to step into the tax resolution business.

Let me show you my six secrets to a 7 figure Tax Resolution practice.  Click here to register for a free training workshop on Wed, Mar 9, 2016 [1:00] PM - [2:30] PM EST:

Trust me, you won't regret it!