Tax Resolution Business Management Advice

tax resolution business management advice

Take this healthy bit of tax resolution business management advice:

You can do anything, but NOT everything.

Yes, busy people get things done, but if everything is important, then NOTHING is important.

Do what you do best and hire others to do the rest.

Of course, when you are getting started with your tax resolution practice, you may not have the budget for marketing or to hire employees to help with client management, but as you Get in the Business of Growing Your Business™, anticipate that part of the growth process involves focusing on your unique abilities and that means that you have to let go of things that you can cost-effectively delegate.

As you grow, don't look at delegation as "spending" money, but "investing" in the growth of your business. I offer simple solutions to members and to non-members for a small fee like monthly email newsletter creation to help you with marketing.  Small steps do make a big difference.

Working part-time (as in 12 hours out of a 24 hour day) is only going to end in burn out. Respect yourself and your talents and make sure that your time is spent doing what you are great at.

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