Tax resolution business management reminder - you cannot go it alone.


The number “1” in the tax resolution business is the loneliest number. Remember, from a management perspective, you cannot go it alone. Sure, there is a lot that you can do, but you need to focus on doing what you do best and hiring others to do the rest. Just because you run certain aspects of your business doesn't mean that you should!

There is NO "I" in the word TEAM!
I didn't build my multi-million tax resolution company on my own. I had employees, IT contractors, marketing vendors and more to help manage my tax resolution firm. We made the Inc 5000 list two years in a row and it took a team to accomplish that.  I wouldn't be able run Roz Strategies without a team either. I focus on my unique abilities and have a team who shines with their unique abilities.

Today's tax resolution business marketing tip is simple:

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

I like to think of the word TEAM as an acronym for "Together Everyone Achieves More.

Don't think of spending on a team - flip your mindset to think about who you can INVEST in to help take your company to the next level. Also think about how you can surround yourself with other like-minded professionals who share your value and values. Virtual teams are so inspiring and powerful.

If you are not already part of my Inner Circle Member's group virtual Coaching team, click here to learn about being part of that circle. If you are an Inner Circle Member, know that we have an elite Platinum Mastermind Group team that you can be a part of!

Make it a meaningful day,