The ALL-NEW Tax Resolution DominationSystem & Toolkit - 2nd Edition

(The Nation's Leading Complete Tax Resolution Business Blueprint!)

Your Complete Business System

Own the Step-by-Step Blueprint For Getting More Pay-in-Advance, High Value Tax Resolution Clients Than You Ever Thought Possible!

The average tax resolution case fee is $5,000 nationwide. What would your life look like if you were retained by one, three, five or ten new clients a month…every month?

I created a complete business system that bolts-on to any size tax, accounting or law practice…and one where most of the work is already done for you! The NEW Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit - 2nd Edition unlocks the EXACT secrets I’ve used in my own tax resolution business, which generated 168 consecutive months of revenue growth depositing $23 million in the bank in one year alone...

With this COMPLETE SYSTEM, you will learn how to make more money all year round from high value clients that will pay you in advance! Here’s everything the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit 2nd Edition includes:

  • Two-Volume Binder Set (Over 1,000 pages) Includes Four Modules:
    • Marketing Mastery
    • Sales Mastery
    • Client Control
    • Case Resolution
  • Nine (9) Implementation Trainings on a Thumb-drive
  • Plus four (4) bonuses!
Module One: Marketing Mastery (Value = $1997)

A complete business system that shows you exactly how to implement over two dozen marketing strategies

  • My done-for-you marketing plans. One for attracting 3 clients a month, one for attracting 5 clients a month and one for attracting even 10 or more clients per month, month-in, month-out... most of which can be accomplished without paid advertising. Just follow one of the plans and watch the clients roll in.
  • Samples and examples of my all-time best performing ads, both on and offline... you get my tried and true, unedited proven newspaper and trade journal ads, banner, website and landing page ads and my award winning radio ads that literally brought in millions in new business that you can take and use virtually as is.
  • Ready to use samples to creating the "PERFECT" brochure and newsletters - creating an iron-clad link between what you have to sell and the deep subconscious needs of your prospect.
  • All the phone scripts and client management letters and email templates, for nearly every conceivable situation that you’ll ever need – Including the intake, initial consultation and scripts and engagement and client correspondence letters. You’ll never have to wonder what to say or what to send to get retained.
  • Secure tens of thousands of dollars in free publicity using my proven Template for Positioning and Authority Marketing including a sample press release and a killer media kit.
  • Ready to Use Lead Magnets/Special Reports
  • Checklist for Radio Advertising
Module Two: Sales Mastery (Value $1997) 

A complete sales training course on how to sell tax resolution

  • The REAL secrets to structuring your “One Call Close” initial consultation sales presentation for maximum effectiveness…Increase your “close” ratio to 90% whether you’re “meeting” your prospect over the phone or in person. This goes far beyond the basic “selling 101 model” taught elsewhere.
  • Answers to the 25 most common sales objections - Watch your "close" ratio shoot through the roof once you learn these magic phrases.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks script for conducting the financial interview.
  • Phone scripts for incoming calls, scheduling appointments, getting them to show up and more.
Module Three: Client Control Mastery (Value = $1997) 

Client Management Correspondence Letters and Templates:

  • For nearly every conceivable situation that you’ll ever need! Includes:  The initial consultation scripts and engagement and client correspondence letters;
  • Engagement Letter Samples
  • 14 Touch – Point Client Assurance System
  • How to manage the client relationship from day one
  • How to make sure the work is getting done timely and how to track it
  • How to hire the right person and how to keep them!
  • How to set up your client case files
  • What to do when client defaults on submitting docs or doesn’t pay
  • How to work your offers in compromise, installment agreements, penalty abatements and currently not collectible
Module Four: Case Resolution Mastery (Value = $1997)

A complete Guide on Resolving Your Clients Cases, Including:

  • Step by step walk through examples of real-life case studies on how to prepare an Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Partial Pay Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible and Penalty Abatement request. Line by line instructions, tips and strategies on completing a 433-A with examples.
  • How to position your client for optimum results
  • How to analyze and interpret IRS tax transcripts and records of account
  • How to prepare delinquent tax returns with NO records

Bonus #1: Two months FREE access to the"Diamond Insider's Circle Program"

Monthly LIVE Training Webinars: Discover cutting edge tips and strategies! Every month Michael teaches new content or invites an expert in the industry to share their expertise in either Marketing, Sales, Case Management or Case Resolution.(Value = $594)

Easy Template Library: 24/7 Access to the plethora of marketing, sales, practice management and case resolution templates including: “swipe and deploy” letters, special reports, checklists, resources and tools in a downloadable word format. (Value = $997)

Q&A Tele-Coaching Calls: This is your month opportunity to get your tax resolution questions answered live by Michael. Even if you don’t have a question, it’s great to listen to your fellow member’s questions—they might ask something that’s helpful to you! (Value = $594)

A Monthly 4-Page Done-For-You Tax Resolution Times: One of the best strategies to use in your arsenal of marketing tools. Every month we deliver to your inbox a done-for-you newsletter to send to all of your clients, leads, and referral sources. (Value = $298)

Michael’s Top 6 Training Webinars: Michael’s most popular past training webinars that will help you succeed in your practice. These will change every few months. (Value = $594)

Lead Generation Landing Page: Have access to a 100% dedicated Tax Resolution Lead Capture landing page! This page will help you capture prospects that leave their contact information, so you can contact and follow-up with them. (Value = $494)

No Hassle Social Media: This includes two monthly curated/top news stories so you're known as the go to authority in your market. Plus, 10 monthly Social Media Posts (for FB, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) to generate clients with the power of social media. (Value = $994)

Technical Case Support: As long as you're a Diamond Member in good standing, we'll be there every step of the way to support you and "hold your hand" to help you work your cases even if you're brand new to tax resolution. (Value = $5,997)

(If you choose, as many do, to keep your Diamond Insider's Circle membership, your monthly investment is just $497 which will be charged to your credit card on file, but there's no obligation and you can cancel anytime.)


Upon enrollment, you get immediate access to the digital assets, bonuses, and Diamond Membership. Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment of the physical product.

Bonus #2: How to Structure Your Feesand Get Paid Upfront

Sick and tired of chasing clients and making those dreaded accounts receivable collection calls? A good portion of which you're never going to collect anyway. Not anymore! This 90-minute training and Guidebook shows you how to implement high-value fixed fee pricing without sending out monthly invoices. You'll learn how and what to charge clients for Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Levy Releases, Penalty Abatement Requests and other tax resolution services. I'll show you how to collect your fees in full before your clients case settles. I'll show you how to predict your future monthly cash receipts using my fixed fee pricing matrix. (Value = $297)

Bonus #3: How to Win an Auditand Be Your Client's Hero

Imagine being Your Client’s HERO by obtaining a “No-Change” Audit! (and make a lot of money doing so!) This Master Class training is on the Thumb-drive and Guidebook where you'll discover how to organize your response to an “Information Document Request” (IDR); Learn what to say to the Revenue Agent to get them to agree with you; You'll know what to say to Clients to get Retained! And you'll know what to charge for Audits; including Case Studies w/ examples! (Value = $297)

Bonus #4: How To GET RETAINED by Conducting the Financial Portion (433A)

Get retained from your remote or in-person consultations! In addition to determining what your prospect is eligible for, the real goal for taking your prospect through a mini 433-A is to GET RETAINED! This training will strategically guide you step-by-step on: What Financial questions to ask and HOW to ask them; How to get the prospect to immediately like and trust you; How to find out what the prospect REALLY wants; And most important: How to CLOSE the deal! This will be delivered digitally to you! (Value = $997)

Bonus #5: How to Resolve 941 Payroll Tax Cases

100,000's of businesses were forced to shut down due to the Pandemic and most of them owe 941 taxes. Payroll Tax Case Fees start at $15,000 and upwards from there! This training will show you step-by-step on How to Resolve in-business entity vs. out-of-business entity 941 Payroll Cases; How to Resolve the related Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Case; How to Remove or Reduce Penalties; and When to use an Offer in Compromise or Partial Pay Installment Agreement! This will also be delivered to you digitally. (Value = $997)

Bonus #6: The "8 Weeks to 10K Rocket Launch Blueprint!"

This is the fast & easy system for attracting at least two pay in advance tax resolution clients right out of the gate! Each week Michael will send you a quick start video where he takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step to attract qualified leads, close the sale, and resolve your tax resolution cases quickly and easily! Just watch one video each week and take the simple action steps Michael outlines, and you will generate a minimum two tax resolution clients who will be worth $10,000 to you within 8 weeks! Follow this simple, quick-start blueprint and not only will you get an immediate return of at least 5X on your investment, but you'll be on your way to your new six-figure tax resolution business! (Value = $2,376)

Imagine… that you could have a steady stream of people facing IRS tax problems calling your office, knocking on your door, emailing you for help – each and every day

Imagine then that you were able to turn these leads into quality clients – that not only valued you, but also demonstrated that respect by compensating you at the rates you truly deserve… in ADVANCE!


Upon enrollment, you get immediate access to the digital assets, bonuses, and Diamond Membership. Please allow 7-10 business days for shipment of the physical product.