Tax Resolution Email Marketing Tips

There’s no doubt that email marketing can be a profitable tactic as part of your tax resolution marketing strategy, but it also runs the highest risk. The moment you hit “send,” you’ve given your readers the power; the power to delete the email or ignore it forever, the power to label it as “spam” or toss it into the junk mail folder, and the power to unsubscribe from your email list for good.

But they also have the power to read it, enjoy it, and instantly forward it along to their friends and family members. On top of that, they’ve got the power to take immediate action, no matter where they are. Perhaps that’s why email marketing is estimated to have the highest ROI of any digital marketing strategy.

That being said, here are a few tips to ensure your tax resolution email marketing efforts are maximized:

1. It all starts with the subject line. The subject line IS your Big Headline. After all, the subject line is the first thing they’ll see—and, according to a study done by Chadwick Martin Bailey, a marketing research firm, nearly 64% of people admit that the subject line determines the fate of the email. Increase your read rates by improving your subject line. Special offers, alerts, and updates work best (I would not use words like “free” or “limited time” as the recipient’s email server may recognize these as spam and your message may never get delivered), but creative attention-getting headlines can work wonders as well.

2. Get personal. Think about it; when you weed through your inbox each morning, what emails are you more likely to open? The messages from your friends and co-workers? Or the advertising emails that were obviously mass produced? Personalizing your email messages for your readers is a surefire way to increase your response rate.

3. Consistency and variety go hand in hand. Marketing emails should be sent on weekly or monthly basis (I’ve discovered that monthly works best as a way to always have your name in front of them)—this is just enough to stay at the top of their minds, but not often enough to irritate them. However, when it comes to your email marketing campaign, variety is key. Your message should provide something beneficial like informational or educational content for your readers each and every time—but don’t forget to keep it interesting!

Below is a helpful infographic that you can save to your personal computer so you have my Tax Resolution Email Marketing Tips in a visual form.

Tax Resolution Email Marketing Tips