Tax Resolution Marketing: 10-Step Winning Formula for Radio Ads

One of the most effective ways on how I grew my tax resolution business was through radio advertising. I have a 10-Step winning formula for you to have the most effective response and the highest ROI.

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Michael Rozbruch: Tax Resolution Marketing - Radio Ads Winning Formula Video

Here are two of my steps:

Step 1: The first step is the type of station. I always looked at stations that had other direct response marketers advertising on them. For example, if Legal Zoom or 1-800 Flowers was on that station, I knew I was in the right place. Also, the demographics of the station are important too because the ideal tax resolution client skews male and is usually a little older like from 39-60 years old. They're conservative so you want to look at conservative talk/news radio stations.

Step 2: Have a recognized local, regional or even a national personality be the voice for your ad. A well-known “celebrity” will increase response by 35%.

One of the things that put me on the map early on was I used to advertise on the station in Los Angeles that carried the Howard Stern show, and we all know how controversial Howard is, but he has loyal listeners. People with IRS problems would call and they’d say, “Howard told me to call you”. They were pre-sold before I even got on the phone. You want somebody that has loyal, rabid fans.

Remember: You want to make sure the station is the right station and that you have a local, regional or nationally recognized “celebrity” to endorse you and voice your spots.

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