Tax Resolution Marketing Strategy: Answer Your Phone

Image via Pixabay.comYou’re relying on various marketing strategies and probably spending between $100 and $200 to attract a prospect to contact you. At last, a call comes through and the phone rings. Do you answer your phone live or will the prospect’s call go to voicemail?

By calling, this person just telegraphed a big buying signal; so, why wouldn’t you answer the call “live”? That’s a hot lead on the other end! Why risk the chance they’ll decide against leaving a message and instead call another tax resolution practitioner on their list? A caller on the phone is five times more likely to retain you than one you’re playing phone or email tag with. Therefore, it’s important the phone call is answered by a live person.

During business hours, you always want to answer your phones live. After hours, you want to utilize an answering service to ensure your phones are still being picked up. When using an answering service, be sure to verify the caller.

Screen them with these four intake questions:

  1. Does the IRS/state claim you owe $10,000 or more?
  2. Do you have any unfiled income tax returns?
  3. Has your paycheck been garnished or has the IRS taken money from your bank account?
  4. Are you under audit?

When using an answering service, you should always consider calling back each prospect, even if the service reports back saying they don’t meet your intake criteria. Some of my largest cases resulted from someone speaking to the answering service and not wanting to give information or giving incorrect or transposed information.

A phone call is often the result of your marketing strategies. Don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers by not answering the phone.