Tax Resolution Marketing Strategy - High Ticket Sales Strategy

TAX PROFESSIONALS: Tax season is THE best time to market to troubled taxpayers (read this past blog post). If that’s you, leads should already be coming in!

If you haven't been marketing your tax resolution business - or you happened upon this blog post because you are interested in starting a tax resolution business - read on. I am a tax resolution practitioner that generated over $80 million in sales over a 15 year span for my business and I will share with you my proven marketing and sales strategies to build your business.

Let's get back to talking about leads. Turning leads into appointments is the first part of your goal. The second part is turning these appointments into clients. As a tax resolution practitioner I have done my share of turning appointments into clients and have fine-tuned the process. I call this my advanced High Ticket Sales Strategy. (This strategy helped me close clients on the phone with fees anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000.)

There are 4 components to the High Ticket Sales Strategy:

Rapport: Get a little personal with your clients. You know their tax problems, but do you know where their kids go to school or what type of community they live in? You've probably talked to them a handful of times already and by the time you sit down with them face to face, you should be able to exchange more than just pleasantries. Rapport builds familiarity and trust. • Probe: This is the "meat and potatoes" of the strategy. Find out the underlying reason that they are sitting in your office. Normally, it is not just that they have a tax problem (that is a given). There is an underlying reason that many people may not even admit to themselves. An example of an underlying reason is that their marriage is on the rocks. You need to find out the underlying reason of why they are sitting in your office talking to you about their tax problem. • Prescribe: After the financial interview, you come up with a game plan, a "prescription", of what you can do to resolve their tax resolution case. There are usually 3 or 4 options that are used 95% of the time when it comes to collection cases (learn about those options in my tax resolution products).
Close: Ask for the sale. Ask for the money. "How would you like to proceed? What debit or credit card would you like to put this on today?" I always spoke assumptively, as if they were already a client of my firm. This High Ticket Sales Strategy alone netted me hundreds of thousands of dollars once I got it down pat. And this strategy is just the tip of the iceberg. For my insider’s circle members, these 4 steps should help you close the deal with your leads.

For those who are thinking about starting a tax resolution practice, consider this:
• There are 12 million prospective clients - and growing - that are in trouble with the IRS. They need your help!
• Tax Professionals means CPAs, Attorneys, and EAs (Enrolled Agents). You are uniquely qualified for tax resolution because you are the only professionals that the IRS allows to represent troubled taxpayers.
• I’ll share with you my secrets, proven strategies, and marketing tips that helped me generate over $20 million in sales in 2012 alone!

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