2017 Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza 12 DVD Set!

Get over 14 hours of pure education and training content for only $297!

Just released: The 12-DVD set from the 3-day, 2017 Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza that Larry Lawler (ASTPS) and I hosted in Orlando in early 2017. The Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza is the place to experience the latest innovations in technology for practitioners who represent troubled taxpayers. Gain insights into tested and proven real-world, workable marketing programs, including: niche-based marketing, internet marketing, social marketing, direct mail, and a whole lot more. See and hear from industry leaders.

These DVDs have over FOURTEEN hours of pure educational and training content with speaker’s PowerPoint slides included on the recordings. Topics include:

  • National Director of ASTPS Larry Lawler: The Benefits of Mastermind Groups
  • Michael Rozbruch: How to Implement Your Own Audit Protection Plan! and the "5 Secrets to a Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice"
  • Jaime Buchwald: PitbullTax Software "How to Get New Clients"
  • Dave Dee: One-to-One Selling
  • Nicholas Pirrung: ADP-Solving Cash Flow & Payroll Tax Problems
  • Kim Walsh Phillips: Elite Digital - 5-Step System to Grow Your Business by at Least 25% in the Next 90 Days and Do it Over and Over Again
  • Ian Garlic: How to Use Video in Tax Resolution Marketing
  • Tyler Howes & Dan Christensen: Canopy Tax Software
  • Majeed Ghadialy: Textellent-Maximize Revenue & Save Time and Expenses with Personalized Text Marketing
  • Mike Giardina: Office Tools-Improving Delegation Tracking & Work Flow
  • Joan Stewart: How to be the Go-To Tax Expert for Journalists and Get Thousands of Dollars in Free Publicity
  • Roger Nemeth: TaxHelpSoftware Product Line
  • Bob Torella: LinkedIn Mastery-How to Build a Huge Referral Network on Linkedin
  • Travis Lee: 3-D Mail Marketing-Outrageous Direct Mail Strategies for Tax Resolution Professionals
  • Robert Slavitt: Industry Newsletters-Digital Marketing Tools for Accounting Firms
  • Hugo Fernandez: Just Digital-Client Acquisition Blueprint

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