Countdown to Tax Resolution Marketing & Technology Extravaganza!

Michael Rozbruch's Tax Resolution and Marketing ExtravaganzaWe are CRAZY busy getting ready for the Tax Resolution Marketing and Technology Extravaganza taking place January 6th-8th in Orlando.

At this event you’ll discover how to create a flood of new to create a cash flow to magnetically attract prospects who are pre-determined to view you as an expert and trusted advisor AND retain you... Plus Much, Much More!

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All I can say is WOW... these 3 days coming up are going to literally F-L-Y by with everything we’ve got planned for you!

If you still haven’t reserved your seat for the conference, the question that’s gotta be asked is WHY?

I can think of only three possible reasons:

  1. Things are going gangbusters in your business already, and you don’t feel like you need any additional help attracting more clients.  If that’s the case, FANTASTIC – but recognize that market share and marketing strategies that are working today can change on a dime – you wouldn’t be the first small business walloped out of existence by the big national players and others who undercut you into oblivion. Positioning your business as something vital, different, and distinctly compelling is exactly the right thing to do in both good times and bad. And how to make that happen consistently, reliably, and regardless of what’s happening in the “greater economy” is exactly what we’re going to reveal.
  2. You think that because this 3-day event is priced so low, it’s going to be one long pitch and there won’t be any real content.  The reality is no matter HOW great the training (and these three days are going to be PACKED with INCREDIBLY valuable strategies that you can use MONDAY MORNING when you get back), it would be totally irresponsible on our part to NOT offer you additional resources to help you put them to use as quickly as possible. So yes, over the course of the seminar we’ll give you several chances to move ahead and request those resources. However, make no mistake, even though this training is priced low, this is real meat, real MASSIVE value, from start to finish.
  3. You’re super busy and there’s tax season right around the corner and you can’t take the time out for this.  Okay, on this I’ll be blunt – if your practice is consuming your life to such a degree that taking a few days out before tax season even begins to focus on the CRITICAL matter of attracting the PERFECT clients through your doors, then you need to be putting these strategies into effect NOW and without delay!  What Larry Lawler and I, and the great lineup of speakers, are going to reveal to you are truly your keys to the FREEDOM you desire and deserve to achieve from your practice.

Why take the chance that by missing this, you’ll regret that decision for a long time to come?

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We guarantee you’ll find this event both eye-opening, incredibly valuable, and just a lot of fun as well.

As a matter of fact, at any time during that first day, you don’t think this event will help you grow and thrive in tax problem resolution, then ask us to authorize your refund of the registration fee. You can leave, head home or to Disney and not be out one penny for the seminar. You will receive a 100% refund within 7 days of the seminar, no questions or conditions.

This event is for practitioners who are intent on growing and thriving in tax problem resolution. Being aware of all the opportunities, and mistakes not to make, is a must to accomplish those goals.

See you there!

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