Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: Benefits vs. Features

In a recent blog post I wrote about the 3 winning ingredients for a successful direct marketing campaign (read it here). The first key I described was the importance of having a Unique Selling Point (USP). Today I want to talk to you about the second key:

Benefits vs. Features in Your Marketing (click here to watch the video).Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Marketing Success Strategies

The Second Key:

Imagine the world's deodorant supply evaporated and you were the only one on the planet that sold deodorant and you had a room full of it. How do you think you would do if you scribbled out on a cardboard sign the words "Deodorant for Sale?" Don't you think that you'd be able to sell whatever amount of deodorant you had for whatever asking price you wanted Unfortunately, that's not how most businesses operate. There's a lot of competition out there. If you didn't have competition there wouldn't be a problem.

Having benefits versus features is important. Think about this: most CPAs and EAs who market tax resolution, list on their menu of services, website or in their marketing: “we do Offers in Compromise”, “we do penalty abatements”, “ we do installment agreements”. Those are features.

A benefit is: “Never having to meet or speak with the IRS”, “being able to sleep again”, “having peace of mind once and for all”, “settling your case for the lowest amount allowed by law as expeditiously as possible”, "we protect your income and assets from the IRS”.

If you happen to be in a business where there's no competition then you don't need to worry about benefits vs. features, but we all have competitive businesses today.

Remember: Features focus on telling the client what it is you do. Benefits convey to the taxpayer what it is they're going to get after they use your services.


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