Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: Blog!

Whether you’re looking to boost your business or give it a more personal touch, blogging can be an effective addition to your tax resolution marketing. While websites are informative, blogs have a certain way of helping readers understand more about the person they turn to for services or products.  Think of blogs as being more conversational - they are the core of social media and social media is SOCIAL you know!

Blogging can be done on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. It’s a great way to add value to prospects that are checking you out before they “buy.” Writing valuable, informative content geared toward your customer can also help you rank higher on Google which means more leads (at no cost!). It’s a great method of informing clients about new technology, new hires, new services or projects, and new additions to your business.

Blogging is also a place to post links to other projects you are working on like magazine articles, books, or guest speaker events. You are in complete control of what you write and share. In addition, being able to keep a hold on your electronic footprint may prove an asset to you later when someone is doing a Google search on your company.

Keeping your website up-to-date is another reason for blogging. If your website is constantly being updated, Google’s complicated search engine rewards your business with a placement toward the top of the screen. Blogs count. Also, if what you’re saying is interesting enough, other bloggers may create links to your pages, which generates more traffic for you!

Blogging isn’t just for fashionable teens, Julia Childwannabes, and movie critics. It’s an activity for everyone, and its ability to make your tax resolution business grow might just be the step up you need to compete.