Tax Resolution Marketing Tip: Photo-Proof Your Success

Tax resolution marketing tip time!

Did you know that your practice may have hundreds of top-end salespeople that are waiting at your fingertips to be employed for no cost at all? As strange as that may sound, it’s true. There are countless individuals out there who are waiting to promote you and your firm’s services - for FREE. Who are these eager men and women of sales? They’re your clients.

Referrals are the easiest and most effective way to expand your business and your client-base. You can put all the money you want into TV or print ads, but the honest truth is that a potential customer or client is going to be far more motivated to try a new product or service after a friend has told them about it. This grassroots type of marketing can help to spread the word about your business like wildfire. But the next question becomes, “How do I get more clients to refer my business to their friends?” The answer is “photo-proof.”

Photo-proofing is simply taking a photo of your client after you’ve worked your magic or when they’ve had their IRS case settled by you. An example would be having their picture taken with their IRS audit, OIC or installment agreement “acceptance letter” and hung on a “wall of fame.”

By displaying a client’s photo or name on the wall of your business, you’re creating a special bond with that person. Not only does this bond create an opportunity to sell to them again at some point, it lets others who see the picture know what kind of service they’re getting and helps to create trust.

Another value in this tactic is that clients with their name or photo displayed inside a business are far more likely to bring their friends or family to that establishment to show off their family. So regardless of the product or service you’re selling, make sure to use this phenomenal (and inexpensive) marketing technique to increase your client referrals.

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