Tax Resolution Marketing Works EVERYWHERE

This week's question is will this work? Will marketing your tax resolution services work in a rural area? Or am I limited to my local area? Or, can I or should I do this out of my home versus an office?

Well, first of all, yes, tax resolution marketing will work in a rural area. We have many, many members who are killin' it in rural areas because they realize that 1 in 50 American Taxpayers has a problem large enough that warrants expert representation. Let me repeat that. 1 in 50 US taxpayers has a tax resolution problem that's large enough to warrant professional representation. Actually, marketing in a rural area could actually be more effective than marketing in a large metropolitan area because there's a lot less competition. So keep that in mind.

Also, you're not limited to just your local area. You can market to the surrounding counties. You can market to surrounding states. As a CPA an EA or an attorney in good standing with your state bar or the IRS if you're an EA, you are able to represent clients in all 50 states with regard to the IRS. So you're not limited at all to your local or rural area, you can extend your reach to other states.

Now, the second part of the question is - should I do this work in my house, or should I get an office? Well, number 1 is you can work the cases from your home. Personally, I didn't want to bring clients into my house. That was a no-no. I didn't want to do that, even though I started my first two months at my dining room table. Even then, I didn't meet clients in my home. And today, you can lease a suite at Barrister Executive Suites, or Regis Executive Suites on a weekly basis or even a daily basis. You can use their conference rooms to see clients rather than bringing them into your home. In this way, you can bring the work home, but see clients in a professional setting. This is a good route to go because it sets up your positioning and you look more professional. Also, you can use that company's mailing address and they even have phone service, everything is a la carte. So you can actually have an office without signing a long-term lease and look professional.

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