Tax Resolution Practitioners: Advance Your Master Plan

It’s the new year, and winter is here — and I don’t mean January-February snowstorms. Roslyn and I had the privilege of hanging out with Tony Robbins at a private cocktail hour with around 20 other people. Tony shared his idea of winter, and his version is more along the line of a cold financial season. I recently read his new book, “Unshakeable” where he talks in depth about corrections and crashes from the tech bubble burst in the late ‘90s, the stock market plunge in 2001, and the housing market crash in 2008. He shares the steps to take, and how to prepare, for the next financial winter.

At the cocktail hour, I asked him when he thought the next winter was coming. Now before you get nervous about what that means for you and your business, let me share that I had my tax resolution company during all of those “winters” I mentioned above, and that’s when business soared. I coined a phrase early on in my tax resolution career that went like this: “Bad is good and good is bad,” meaning the worse off the economy or the taxpayer’s financial condition are, the better the settlement or ‘deal’ the IRS was willing to accept. Although Tony talked a lot about “winter,” he also emphasized that “spring” always follows. Tony points out in his book that since 1946, there have been 14 major bear markets. On average, they last about a year, followed by a strong surge in stocks and the S&P 500. So it’s not if, but when, the next economic downturn hits. Be prepared and embrace it, knowing “spring” is right around the corner.

You might be wondering how I had the opportunity to hang out with Tony Robbins. It just so happens that one of my coaches, Dean Graziosi, from the mastermind group I’m a member in, is friends with Tony Robbins. Dean asked Tony if he would join our mastermind group at a special cocktail hour during our annual conference. What can I say? It was very cool hanging out with him. He shared so many amazing stories about some of the people he’s met in his life, and this man has met almost everyone.

Besides the upcoming winter — seasonal and otherwise — I’m also opening up my mastermind group for 2018, as I have three seats available. I will be going into my fourth year of putting on a mastermind, and it’s very exciting for me to see the leaps, bounds, and life-altering results so many of the members have made in their lives and businesses. But even with three exciting years of holding mastermind meetings behind us, Roslyn and I are always looking for ways to bring more value to this select group. And with the upcoming 2018 year, I’m ready to switch it up for my Platinum Mastermind Group. Not only will I be sharing all of my marketing and sales secrets I used to go from $0 to $23 million a year in revenues, but I’m also going to include methods, strategies, and processes for workflow management and technical proficiency. After all, I personally worked on over 2,000 tax resolution cases during a span of 16 years.

The real beauty of a mastermind group is that members won’t just get to talk to us about their businesses — they get to talk to each other. Basically, the mastermind group will give you a behind-the-curtain look at 15 different practices in the tax resolution services industry. Each of them rely on different business techniques, sales models, and marketing strategies, and have experienced their fair share of success. People who are selected to join the group have already experienced success in tax resolution, but want more.

What normally takes someone years to achieve can be done in 12 months because you are no longer trying to reach your goals alone. In a mastermind group, you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who have their own advice to share, helping you achieve success of your own. Mastermind groups act as an incredible “life hack” for both your business and your personal well-being. After joining a mastermind, people find themselves eating better, feeling healthier, helping more people, and becoming more connected to their community, in addition to taking their practices to new heights at unprecedented rates.

Why am I so confident mastermind groups are worth the investment? Because I’ve been involved with groups like these as far back as when I started my tax resolution services company. At the time, I made it my business to attend every event in the country and associate myself with top people in the field, so I could learn from them. Over 20 years later, I’m one of those top people, and connecting with other successful individuals is how I got here. And as mentioned above, I’m still involved with a lot of them.

Beyond the knowledge I’ve gained, mastermind groups have led me to making truly great friends. They’re the kind of folks who have a similar mentality, understand what you’re going through, and want to really help and support you. I really enjoy being around that crowd. People say your income is the average of the five people with whom you spend most of your time. If you are spending time around successful individuals, how do you think that impacts your income and your life?

At the end of the day, I want to help people improve themselves. If you believe joining a mastermind group could help you in some way, and you are serious about rolling up your sleeves and taking massive action, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough pull to get Tony Robbins to speak at one of my meetings, but I do plan to have speakers who will help members with their specific needs. One of the best things I have ever done for myself was to join my first mastermind. If you would like more information, please contact Becky ( or Sue (, and they can send you the Platinum Mastermind Group Assessment and Application form to complete to see if this might be a good fit for you!

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