Tax Resolution Triangle To Profits


Anyone who wants to have a successful tax resolution business has to understand that there are three legs that all need to be strong to keep your company standing.

1) Sales
2) Operations
3) Marketing

SALES- The main reason businesses fail is lack of cash flow.  You have to make money to keep your tax resolution business afloat.  Be clear on your revenue streams and focus on your ideal client. Many of my coaching clients through my Tax and Business Solutions Academy have a case minimum. Some require $15,000 or more owed to the IRS to qualify as a lead.  Some have lower entry levels because they also have accounting services that are often sold after a tax resolution case is solved. Find a business model that works for you and remember, don't settle for crumbs if you can have the whole loaf!

OPERATIONS- You have to reap what you sow. Handling tax resolution cases is an art and a science. You need to systematize your operations, everything from answering your phone, booking appointments, handling the case and following up with the referrals. Believe me, I know. I ran one the most successful tax resolution businesses in the nation and processes were paramount to our success.

MARKETING- The true meaning of marketing means maximizing relationships. You are in the marketing business! No relationships, no business. Learn how to maximize your marketing online and offline (TV, radio). There are nearly 12 million taxpayers, right now, who are in hot water with the IRS that are in desperate need of your help. Other solo, small firm practitioners and large national players are thriving doing IRS Representation work, WHY NOT YOU?. Usually the why is lack of marketing savvy. My Tax Domination System & Toolkit contains marketing Mastery Strategies that work. Spare yourself the waste of time and expense of doing it wrong when you can start doing it right!

To run a successful tax resolution business, you need to have strong sales, operations and marketing.  All legs must be strong to keep your company standing.

Sales + Operations + Marketing = A healthy, whole tax resolution practice.  

If you need help with any or all three of these areas, then my products and services will help you.

Get in the Business of Growing Your Business™!



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