Tax Season Confession and Special Training Offer

I have a confession:

I love Tax Season.

I LOVE this time of year!

I know, I know. Not everyone does, especially now with the enactment of the new Tax Reform bill (and having to answer a thousand questions from every client).

But for me, no matter what's happening in my world - good or bad - I feel an extra sense of spirit and deep gratitude for life this time of year. Why?

You see, I’ve never had to deal with the boom and bust of tax season with my tax resolution practice.

During tax season, I wasn’t working 16 hour days.

I wasn’t chasing unpaid invoices or answering countless questions.

I wasn’t worried about tax season at all! Why? Because it wasn’t my main income stream and I had $5000+ clients coming through the door all year.

And now I wake up and think how I can help you achieve your goals and improve your lives. (Like with this live training I’m doing tomorrow!)

I know a lot of you are poring over this new legislation and are already anticipating that each tax client appointment is going to take much longer this year….time you’re not being compensated for. Time taken away from your family, friends, leisure activities…

During tax season one tax prep client means one tax return, one small fee.

The season is over before you blink and then you’re back pounding the pavement for profitable business.

When you’re a tax resolution practitioner you get new (much more profitable) business all year round. Often one tax resolution client means four to seven tax returns because they are frequently behind in their filings, PLUS the fee for resolving their case.

My wish for you this tax season is that you can finally get off the tax-season treadmill and I want to help. Join me for this free training I’m doing on Wednesday where I will share with you my 5 simple secrets on building a profitable tax resolution practice, year round.

Let's kickoff this tax season together and start adding $5000+ clients to your practice. Click here to join:

My wish for you is that you too can LOVE tax season. Look, the times have changed and it’s time to do something different this year.

Wishing you a phenomenal 2018,