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Success Stories

Without a Doubt, This Has Been the Best Business Decision That I Have Made

I have been involved with Roz Strategies for almost two years and recently joined Michael's Mastermind Group. I doubt I would have been able to get, much less ask for, a $100,000 fee that I just received on a large IRS debt case without being in Michael's mastermind group. Without a doubt, this has been the best business decision that I have made as I expanded my practice to tax resolution. I have learned a lot about marketing and have become more confident in my abilities as a resolution practitioner. I have been able to learn quite a bit from my Mastermind peers as well. These folks pass along help, in whatever form required, to make me a better marketer and practitioner. Needless to say, I would be much further behind my current pace if I had not met Michael and his team."

- Perry Cronin, CPA, Cronin & Company

$166,000 in Additional Income in 2018!

Roz-man, thank you for all you've done for me over the past few years, but especially in 2018 when it all really started to come together. I made $127,000 (rounded) in tax resolution fees and another $39,000 in Audit Protection Plan fees. That's $166,000 in extra income that I wouldn't have made if I didn't have the good fortune of knowing the Roz-Man. And, of course, well beyond the money, you're an even better guy who I consider a dear friend.

– Peter Marchiano, Jr., CPA

$50,000 in Additional Net Income This Tax Season

To date, we have shown Michael's Audit Protection Plan to 536 of our clients and 96% have taken the plan generating approximately $30,000 in revenue. We have another 400 clients on extension and we are expecting the same 96% client "take-rate", that will bring in an additional $20,000. In total we will have added about $50,000 in additional net income this tax season. We can't believe how easy this was to implement. And the best part is, this will become a recurring annual income event year, after year."

- Chris Churchwell, Partner and CPA at Churchwell Hedman Tax Group

$40,000 in New Tax Resolution Business from 1 Presentation!

“I just couldn’t wait to share the results with you about using your Referral Generation Machine presentation. I did a presentation in Phoenix, Arizona using your templated Power Point slide deck to a room full of practitioners. I walked out of there with 11very qualified leads and 8 new cases!! And, this was my first time using it. I would say, that this one presentation I did will equate to over $40,000 in new tax resolution business! Thank you, Michael!"

- Antonio Nava, EA Pacific Tax Solutions

$45,000 in Fees in 15 days from just 2 clients!

“I closed two cases this week totaling 45K in fees. Both payroll tax related. I should close another case between 25 and 30K next week. That’s between 60 – 65K and the month isn’t half over yet! This kind of success is new to me and is causing me to grow as a person. They didn’t even flinch when I quoted them the fee!

We doubled our office space at the beginning of November. I plan to hire at least one new person, but probably two. I can remember putting these kinds of goals on the index cards you had us do at the Mastermind meeting. I am seeing the result of those goals now. Writing goals down is very important. Now I need to do some news goals!

It was your Mastermind that pushed me to these results, from you and the interaction from the other MM members. For anyone that is serious about growing their practice, a Mastermind is a must. You and I both know, not everyone is going to take the tools to grow their practices, but for those who do, look out and hold on for the ride.”

- From one of your most loyal students, Greg Nunn, CPA

300% Increase in Fees!

"Just wanted to let you know that since I went to your conference in Austin, I have increased my fees substantially, and charged fees of $20k, $18k and $12k for tax rep fees for three clients, that I probably would have charged $5k-10k before attending and really listening to you. Thank you for encouraging me not to undervalue my services. So instead of charging $15k to $30k, I charged $50k. Definitely worth attending!

Thank you for your encouragement!”

- Victoria J. Blasiak, CPA

I've been in the tax business for 30+years doing tax prep and some accounting work. Since getting Michael's System about 6 weeks' ago, I've been retained by four new IRS tax resolution clients for a total of $27,000 using his Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit. I don't care if I ever do another tax return again!"

- Vickie T. Smith, EA

I have read 3 of the 4 volumes of the Domination Kit and am glad that I purchased it. I did listen to every single monthly tele-coaching call back to August 2014, and must say that this is the most informative information I have ever received. It is all real dealings with the IRS (hearing actual people's dealings) as opposed to reading books or publications about how to deal with the IRS. And of course Michael's response on how to deal with the particular issue or how to deal with the agent/officer was extremely helpful."

- William F. Deighan, CPA, EA

I Can't Wait to See the Results from the Rest of My Clients!

Within an half hour of the webinar ending yesterday, I sold an existing tax prep client a $249 audit protection plan for his trust return an one for $79.95 for his 1040 return! I hadn't even opened the email from Michael containing the client brochure and the rest of the materials that I just purchased! I can't wait to see the results from the rest of my clients!!"

- Nick Orlando, CPA

Thank you Michael, the amazing coach and mentor.

Thanks to you, my career has made an extremely positive change and I progressed from an employee to an employer. Soon Tax Resolutions will be my only focus and focus as it is my passion. I learned a lot from you but the biggest impact came from one phrase: “You are in the sales and Marketing business. The sooner you understand that the sooner you are on your path to success

- Sean H. Sadeghi

You are providing the highest quality training and education to tax practitioners today

As the CEO of www.taxconnections.com, I speak with thousands of tax professionals each year. The list is long of tax professionals who walk away from your program armed with strategies for success.

You are providing the highest quality training and education to tax practitioners today. You are helping them save their clients extraordinary amounts of money, time and emotional pain.

You are one of the good guys out there helping the tax resolution profession and taxpayers at the same time!"

- Kat Jennings, CEO, www.taxconnections.com

Last month I was retained by 3 tax resolution clients using your System for a total of $30,000!

I collected $15K in fees up front with 15K still to collect. I also did 106 tax returns in the same period, working 75 hours a week. The fees from the 3 tax resolution clients are about the same that 106 tax prep clients generated. Amazing! Things are starting to click and I'm more excited about the tax resolution business each day. And it's all because of you and your systems and the encouragement from you and your team. The more I do this work, the less I want to do the traditional accounting and tax work. Mike -thanks for everything you've done for me and my family. God Bless You and Roslyn!

– Peter Marchiano, CPA

Already Have 20 Clients Signed-Up!

I have already had close to 20 clients pay us for the program. Thanks it was a great idea. Also appreciated the workshop in Orlando. I have been to many tax and investment workshop seminars over the past twenty years. This was the first one that focused on how to make money. It was exceptional. Thanks again. Look forward to working with you in the future."

- Floyd Swilley, EA

I met Michael just a few years ago. As a result he earned a lot of respect from me just because of what he was able to do with his own tax resolution practice. My practice is tax prep and also tax resolution. Been doing solid resolution work for 6 months now. From Michael's teaching - I was told to always learn from the best and I think Michael is the best in tax resolution. As a result of direct mail campaigns that I've done I've generated $35,000 in revenue just in the last couple months. What he provides does work. I recommend that you check him out."

- Greg Nunn, CPA (Washington)

I knew how to do the tax resolution work, but I didn't know how to do the marketing. Like some, I was skeptical, but I knew Michael's reputation and decided to give it a shot. Everything I have learned has been gold. Every piece of advice I have taken from Michael Rozbruch has made me money. I read his materials and started doing things the way he says to do it and it works. This is the real deal, do not pass this up because it really really works."

- Kenneth Mullinax, Elite Tax Relief, Arkansas

Again, thank Michael for the education and materials, they have been VERY helpful, and it is a real head trip to have some of these people cry when the process is all done and they can ‘see the light’ and it's not a freight train coming at them. My biggest settlement was taking a guy who received a IRS summons (the only summons I've ever seen) to start paying on his 1.3 million (yes MILLION) 3 year bill and preparing all 9 missing years (18 returns if you count IRS and FTB) and get him down to $5996 for ALL years and then paid off in 1 year. Now, as they say on TV-that was ‘pennies on the dollar’. More like .00045 cents on the dollar."

- Terrence Smith, CRTP, The San Diego Tax Pro

Michael, thanks again to you and everyone at Roz Strategies!

Michael, I wanted to send you this note to let you know how appreciative I am of your coaching program and your entire team. Roz Strategies has changed my professional life. I'll never forget the day I sat at my computer in November and was watching your webinar broadcast with the sole intent of cramming in some year-end CPE. At the time, I knew nothing about tax resolution and had absolutely no intent of getting into the business. At the time, I was a struggling solo practitioner with very little money, a 1-year-old, and a pregnant wife at home. Despite this, immediately after your webinar ended, I made undoubtedly the best investment of my career by purchasing your Tax Resolution Success System and enrolling in your coaching program.

Since enrolling in your coaching program, every aspect of my business has changed for the better. I was skeptical at first, but can say with resounding confidence that everything you have recommended has made me money (and I've tested some others you didn't recommend and those were all losers). For other skeptical practitioners out there, take it from me, the system works. Within 5 months of sending out referral letters and newsletters, I successfully landed appointments with the following potential clients:

  1. Attorney who owed the IRS $90,000
  2. Former Financial Advisor who owed the IRS $240,000
  3. Business Owner who owed $138,000 with 3 years of unfiled returns
  4. Small Business that owed the IRS $78,000 in unpaid payroll taxes
  5. Retired CPA who lost an audit in 2001, stopped filing returns, owes $89,000 and has 13 years of unfiled returns
  6. Travel Agent who owes the IRS $450,000!
  7. And numerous others...

Unfortunately, not all of these folks became clients because I am still mastering your ‘high ticket sales strategy’. Nonetheless, without putting your system into action, I would never have had the chance to even meet with these types of clients. Within five months, I can already feel the momentum building towards being “the guy” for tax resolution in my local market. I just hope that nobody else from my local market reads this testimonial and has deeper pockets and decides to compete against me!

Michael, thanks again to you and everyone at Roz Strategies! I am so satisfied with every aspect of your program that I would do about anything to keep it out of my competitors hands. For those practitioners not in my local market, do your families a favor and enroll in this program and get in the tax resolution business. It's the best professional decision I have ever made."

- Toph Sheldon, CPA for the Self-Employed®

The venue, content, speakers and networking opportunity were all exceptional. I am transitioning from a traditional tax practice (sole practitioner) to a tax resolution-only practice. I see this as an opportunity to not only earn above-average fees, but to help clients get their lives back. At this stage in my career, I can't think of more meaningful work to do, so again, thank you.

- Larry Halverson, CPA Halverson LLC

The majority of my business, both tax resolution and tax preparation, come from referrals and utilizing your Referral Toolkit. This week alone I landed 5 new clients... 2 tax resolution... 2 tax preparation and one special project for a client of an attorney from attending networking events and referrals. My revenue is up over 50% YTD compared to last year at this time and we are just starting the 2nd quarter! I didn't even start tax resolution until after tax season had ended last year. I listen to your CD's and re-read your manuals when time permits."

- Patrick Noone, CPA PJN Tax Solutions Group, Inc.

Since we began to participate in Michael Rozbruch's Tax & Business Solutions Academy in July, we have made several minor operational changes, and some major marketing improvements. We're in control of our business future like never before and it feels good. We've re-vamped our business cards with a fresh-looking new logo, and redesigned our brochure based on the material from our Insider's Call.

We also have better work flow systems with the help of RozStrategies. The improved efficiency has benefited all of us in the office, especially clients.

In total, the Direct Mail, Newspaper and other referral sources, and sequential follow-up letters resulted in 55 appointments from September 25th through December 10th. We'll continue to work toward improving our average fee and close rate. The Insider's Call with Millionaire Smarts is motivating. Bottom line, without RozStrategies, I doubt we would have been able to so quickly restructure our sales, marketing and operations to our current results."

- Karen M. Lee, Tax Resolution Associate at Alliance Tax Resolution Service and Member of the Insider's Circle Group

I've been in the tax resolution business for a long time. I had deluded myself into thinking that I really couldn't learn anything more on the technical side of handling IRS problems. On day one within 5 hours I learned something that will totally transform my business - on the technical side of things that I honestly didn't know. That was surprising to me. I had a lot of take aways on the process side - how to run my business a lot better. I'm really excited. I know this is going to blow my business away!"

- Darrin T. Mish, Esq.

I work for Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Karen Lee at Alliance Tax in Elm Grove, WI. You have been working with/coaching them the last few months.

I tuned into the webinar you offered last night and wanted to tell you, IT WAS AMAZING! You're ideas are wise, savvy and smart! Your focus is admirable and inspirational! I am so excited about tax resolution!

Karen teaches and works with myself and the other staff daily to ensure we are following your guidelines and finding success in what we do - which, WE ARE!

Thank you for sharing your GREAT ideas and techniques with us and others - I am so excited about the future of Alliance Tax! THANK YOU!!!"

- Mariah Pace, Tax Resolution Specialist, Alliance Tax Resolution Service

My team was already great at Tax Problem Resolution. Michael has helped us become even better. I highly recommend Michael's program. He is a very high-energy, high information, service oriented gentleman. He is always available with good information and ready to answer any questions. Thank you Michael."

- Eric Button, Certified Public Accountant and Attorney at Law, www.tucsontaxlaw.com

Well, Michael - you said it would happen... and you were right! As of yesterday, I've booked just over $62,000 in tax res work! This is in just a little over 2½ months! And over 60% of that came in since Sept 1st. I've been putting out the word - mailing letters to existing and some former clients, other referral sources such as attorneys, realtors etc. I will start speaking to realtor groups and do some radio spots and whatever else your brilliant mind comes up with! And I've done all of this with no employees and no other support staff in a fairly small town of about 125,000. One more month like this last one and I'm going to have to hire some help - or go crazy. I can work 10 hours a day - but beyond that, things start to fall off the edge.

I can't thank you enough for all your help. What I've learned from you has definitely made my life a lot better. And even though I still sometimes feel like I'm in over my head - knowing I have a support group to turn to for help is really comforting. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys at the Super Advanced Seminar in Vegas. By the way - I just passed the CTRS exam and that's another great thing. This work is so great - higher fees for specialty work and the absolutely excellent feeling you get when you help someone truly solve a huge problem.

I wish this had happened earlier in my career but - I'm just so happy it happened at all! And it wouldn't have - without your mentoring. So - thank you again for all you do and all you have done.

Michael, you changed my life. Before I learned about Roz Strategies. I had know idea what I could be doing. Now that I know. I'm doing it! Thanks Michael"

- Joe Gray, CPA

I received the Tax Resolution Success Resource System Manual last Thursday and read it cover to cover yesterday. Like you, I've been doing this work since 1998. I first saw your manual for sale at a conference in Las Vegas in September 2014. I decided to purchase it if only for the sample letters. Doing this type of work for so long I thought I knew most of what you had in the manual. I must say that some of the material isn't new to me. However, there is quite a bit that that is. There is also quite a bit that I either forgot or needed a refresher on. I've sent letters to almost all of the referral sources you mention without much success. I don't know if it was the letter itself or the timing. That's why I said I wanted it for the sample letters. I've stopped sending the reminder letters to people that didn't engage me. You've reminded me I need to do that. Getting a credit card number to bill a no show just might eliminate that problem in my practice. These are just a few of the items in the manual that will help me in my practice."

Summary: Even a ‘seasoned veteran' to the tax resolution area can benefit from this manual.

- Charles K. Montecino, CPA, Montecino & Ciaccia, P. A.

I've been in Michael's Mastermind Group from the beginning. I was a charter member but I wanted more. I'm very happy that I made it to the Tax Resolution Platinum Mastermind Group. It's been everything and more. I got 125% out of this The strategies are wonderful. Having access to Michael in an intimate basis is also wonderful. Having access to sharp people. It's been a great Mastermind. The cost is minimal compared to what you get out of it!"

- Charlie Price, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Attorney (Orlando)

I have always liked Henry Ford's words, ‘Whether you think you can, or think you can't -- you're right.' Michael Rozbruch's Tax Resolution Success Resource System has given me the resolve to, ‘Think I can master a Tax Resolution Practice!'

Michael speaks terms that are understandable and attainable. I loved Michael's statement, ‘I am in the business of marketing. The services I market are tax resolution services.' That is a key concept, which I constantly repeat to myself.

With each success, my passion grows. I am implementing one of Michael's suggestion each month.

I actually cancelled my membership with Michael's Tax and Business Solutions Academy on a Friday. Then, that weekend, I thought about how my college tennis coach had helped me go further and further with my tennis game finally reaching Senior Varsity Level. I thought that without my tennis coach, I might not have accomplished what I had. Yes I had Michael's materials. Yes I had achieved some tax resolution success; but, just like in my college tennis days, having a coach would make future achievements more attainable. I called and asked to be re-instated into Michael's Tax and Business Solutions Academy on that next Monday."

- Linda Bal Esq., Chicago

We are doing quite well, thanks to you and your great coaching, mentoring and guidance. We have reporting systems in place and are fine tuning them. We have a great brochure, thanks to your critiques, of which we are mailing a batch every week.

We are getting 3-4 new tax resolution clients per week which is really straining our resources. My internal system reports are working nicely and the staff is providing them electronically in order for me to monitor on my smart phone.

The work is very rewarding and now that we have the systems in place, the work is starting to flow more smoothly. We are even getting referrals from other CPA's including one CPA that admitted he needed some personal help. Michael, thank you for all your help!"

- Lawrence H. Stephens, MAcct, CPA (Stephens Accountancy Corporation)

Although I am just getting started, I wish to thank you for your help! I am about to convert one of the two prospects from my business tax lien mailings (I chose to pass on the other), and the COO of the law firm that responded to my referral mailing wants to hire me on a contract basis to work their tax resolution cases. I may not accept this last arrangement, but isn't this wonderful progress! Before you began mentoring me, I had no prospects, and, now, I have multiple opportunities to pick and choose from."

- Terry, Enrolled Agent (Texas)

Thanks for your marketing and success manual! We also ordered the marketing and extravaganza recordings and your fee chart. I must say, it's been the difference between getting $2,500 AT MOST for offers and getting 3x that! I'd estimate, in 2015 alone, your materials are going to generate over $200,000 in tax resolution fees for our firm! That means, tax resolution will become the main revenue source for us."

- Mike Ornelas, Enrolled Agent

I just wanted to let you know that I have been in the tax resolution business since 1984 and I wish I had met you then - your manual is right on point. Great job!"

- John O'Neill, EA, IRS Help, Inc.

In the first month that we did our mailings of approximately 1,200 special reports, we got 4 clients that walked in and signed the engagement letter. We did $19,000.00! Although May seemed low @ $7,300.00 (and I don't know why) we have so far done $43K+ in tax resolution business with a total of 8 clients!"

- Adil A. Baloch, CPA

The info was exactly what I needed at the right time - practical and helped me create a system for handling cases. That was one of my biggest issues - how to set up the files in a logical way - and you answered that. Thank you!"

-Pam Britz, EA, NTPI Fellow

I would highly recommend Michael Rozbruch and The Tax & Business Solutions Academy for anyone trying to get into or wants to take their tax resolution business to the next level. Not only did the material immediately pay for itself but by paying for the monthly members only access it has allowed us to continue to enhance our business and pay dividends."

- Donald Bondeson, Member and Colorado1040 Inc. Accounting and Tax

Anyone who doesn't take advantage of Michael Rozbruch's track record, his coaching, and his genuine desire to help others in our profession is brain dead. Just my $0.02."

- Jim "Anchorman" Flauaus, E.A., President and Founder of Anchor Accounting & Tax, Inc.

You are helping to make my dream a reality. Everything you've taught me thus far... has worked. And to think, we're just in the beginning stages. As I've said before, ‘You are the REAL deal'.

All I ever prayed for, was for someone that's been in this business to help guide me.

I'm glad to say, that my prayers have finally been answered. You are AMAZING. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"

- William Fox, EA, Senior Tax Adviser/Director of Tax Resolutions, Fox Tax Solutions, LLC

I was able to attend the first webinar this past Wednesday. In thinking about making the transition from a traditional tax prep house to a resolution focus, there is something very positive happening with me that I didn't expect. I know I'm good at resolving cases.

Michael, you are giving me my swagger back. I feel motivated again, and best of all, I'm regaining confidence, caring, and commitment to pulling myself and my little firm out of this seemingly never-ending funk. We haven't scratched the surface yet, and my heart knows that your wisdom and guidance will be life changing. I just wanted you to know the kind of impact you are already having.

God bless you and your ‘ministry.' I can't wait to start implementing things!"

- Thomas C. Butler, EA, NTPI, CTRS

Michael, I am thrilled to contact you this morning to tell you that the phone rang once yesterday and once today. That is two paying clients from referrals from attorneys. I sent out some letters/packs but I also hand delivered a few also. I personally like to see people I am referring others to so I like to show myself to others in person. I also stopped a few auto mechanic shops just in case and got a good lead. Just trying to get people talking about enrolled agent services. I am one of very few in this area that offer IRS help, so your help is wonderful. Thank you. I will report more as I grow. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

- Regina Payne E.A. at Lady Payne Accounting

I don't ever write reviews or provide testimonials. In fact, after spending over $50,000+ on my own self-education in the past several years, this is the very first time I've provided a review to any ‘practice development’ consultant. I took the time to write this review because I felt compelled to do so given the tremendous value and insights I've received from Michael Rozbruch and his Tax & Business Solutions Academy.

I took a leap of faith and purchased every program Michael offers including his Insider's Circle Group Coaching Membership on the day it launched. I was apprehensive and a little nervous about joining the coaching membership because I thought it was expensive and I've never joined a monthly, ongoing subscription-type coaching program before. And I generally don't like to introduce recurring fixed expenses into my CPA practice when I can avoid doing so. In hindsight, however, it turned out to be one of the best business decisions I've ever made.

Nearly one year later, I'm still participating in the coaching membership month after month. I choose to remain a member because Michael delivers every month. In fact, he over delivers. On multiple occasions, Michael has provided members with tools and strategies he never originally promised (going above and beyond). His program was outstanding when I originally joined, but its even better now. I've learned so many new strategies that have helped me move my practice forward in the areas of technical tax/case resolution, marketing, sales, and management. These are skills you can't really learn anywhere else if you want to excel in the tax resolution niche. I personally never learned these skills in college, in graduate school, in 10 years as a CPA, or while working for a ‘big four’ international CPA firm. But these are skills you can learn and master in Michael's academy.

When evaluating Michael's programs, I think it's important to ask yourself…where else can you go to learn from someone who has built a $20 million dollar firm from scratch? The answer is nowhere. I've personally never met such an accomplished professional at any conference. Nor do I know any attorney, CPA, or EA that has achieved so much in their practice (or in their lifetimes). Even if you are lucky enough to associate with someone who has achieved that type of success, odds are that they are unlikely to tell you their secrets so you can replicate their success for your own benefit. But Michael does not hold anything back. He ‘tells it like it is’ and I REALLY appreciate his candid approach. He essentially provides you with a short-cut because you can borrow his experience instead of wasting time (and money) trying to figure things out on your own. His honest, direct, and straightforward style of coaching is what you need to make progress. These qualities are hard to find.

I've taken so many other courses, seminars, and workshops before. And many times I felt buyer's remorse because I could sense that the ‘guru’ teaching the subject matter hadn't really done all of what they were teaching. Or what they were teaching wasn't realistically attainable. Or they wouldn't share all the important details and nuances you need to know to implement successfully. But Roz Strategies is different. Michael is a serious guy and he takes this program seriously. I did not experience any buyer's remorse after my investment in Michael's high-quality programs. I asked tough questions looking to find answers I'd been searching for (for years). Michael took the time to address all my questions thoroughly one-on-one and each month during the Q & A sessions. These sessions are priceless because you can learn from Michael's experience as well as other highly-motivated professionals across the country as they ask questions you may—or may not have—thought of. Where else can you get this kind of ongoing support to grow your firm?

I already find that I am starting to work less hours while earning more. I literally used to work seven days a week before but now I enjoy more free time with my wife and son. My fees are higher and I even turn away work I don't want. And I am looking forward to more improvement and progress in the future. Warren Buffett has often said that one of the keys to succeeding is to find mentors whom you can emulate. And that ‘it's better to hang out with people better than you.’ Joining Michael's Insider's Circle gives you access to a world-class mentor you can learn from. I'm so thrilled with my investment in this program that I have shared it with my good friends who are also CPAs in private practice. Michael continues to be a source of information and inspiration for me. If you are evaluating his products and programs, I can attest that they exceeded my high expectations - and I simply can't recommend them enough."

- Rohit Kalra, CPA

Clearly, the tax professional community needs this kind of help - and you are the perfect person to provide it. You've already built up successful businesses - and helped to establish ethical standards for tax companies dealing with taxpayer representation. You have been a valuable resource to me and to our students at CPE Link, getting extraordinary ratings as an instructor. I am proud and fortunate to know you."

- Eva Rosenberg, E.A. (TaxMama.com)

I would like to thank you for the value you have added to my business and my life. I have told so many people about you and your product I hope you are successful beyond measure for sharing your wealth of knowledge."

- Michelle Savoy, Accountant and Business Consultant, Enrolled Agent (Savoy Bookkeeping and Tax Services)

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for over 4 years. During that time, Michael has shown excellent technical knowledge and outstanding negotiation skills in dealing with complex tax issues."

- Phil Mikulak, CPA

Michael Rozbruch is engaging and effective. He is supercharged and a value to CPA's profit success!"

- Diane Bria-Wharton, Holistic Financial Services

Michael's counseling has been extremely important to my business and the decisions I make on every aspect of maximizing my profitably. Thank you."

- Jaymes Hinkle (Production Designer for Motion Pictures and Television at Freelance Artist)

Michael is your biggest ally when you need him most. His service took years of stress and agony out of my life."

- Jessika Cardinahl

Michael's teachings gave me the confidence to break out and try debt resolution aside from tax prep. His courses could potentially fast track anyone to get into the game."

- Esmeraldo Manubay, ECMan Financial Services

I wanted to say thank you for the amazing program. It has helped our firm in so many key areas."

- Nathan, EA Texas

Michael knows what he is talking about - his presentations are so effective, packed with encouraging words and ways to increase getting paid."

- Queen Anieze, QA Accounting Solutions

I have watched Michael transform his start-up business which began with one employee - HIM! - into a multi-million dollar business with over 70 employees and thousands of clients in record time. His personal experience and successes have made him an expert at growing clients' businesses. If you have a business and are looking for ways to increase your revenue, Michael can absolutely help you achieve your goals."

- Carrie Bergman, Radio Professional at Clear Channel

Since working with you, I've not only changed my mindset, but I have changed the way I run my business. Your system and products work. If you are seriously interested in changing your business and are ready to do the work and utilize these tools, then you will see the benefit."

- AJ Gross, CPA, EA of ALG Tax Solutions

Michael Rozbruch is a real pro. He speaks every year at my Law Day events and he is always a favorite. You won't find a more informative and knowledgeable tax expert."

- Bill Handel, Host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio Show 'Handel on the Law'

Michael is recognized by the media nationwide as being one of the top experts in his field. Hundreds of media outlets from CNBC and Fox Business News to the Los Angeles Times continue to reach out to Michael as a very important resource for their stories on tax and IRS related topics."

- Debbie Edwards