From one of your most loyal students, Greg Nunn, CPA


$45,000 in Fees in 15 days from just 2 clients!

“I closed two cases this week totaling 45K in fees. Both payroll tax related. I should close another case between 25 and 30K next week. That’s between 60 – 65K and the month isn’t half over yet! This kind of success is new to me and is causing me to grow as a person. They didn’t even flinch when I quoted them the fee!

We doubled our office space at the beginning of November. I plan to hire at least one new person, but probably two. I can remember putting these kinds of goals on the index cards you had us do at the Mastermind meeting. I am seeing the result of those goals now. Writing goals down is very important. Now I need to do some news goals!

It was your Mastermind that pushed me to these results, from you and the interaction from the other MM members. For anyone that is serious about growing their practice, a Mastermind is a must. You and I both know, not everyone is going to take the tools to grow their practices, but for those who do, look out and hold on for the ride.”