Karen M. Lee, Tax Resolution Associate at Alliance Tax Resolution Service and Member of the Insider's Circle Group


Since we began to participate in Michael Rozbruch's Tax & Business Solutions Academy in July, we have made several minor operational changes, and some major marketing improvements. We're in control of our business future like never before and it feels good. We've re-vamped our business cards with a fresh-looking new logo, and redesigned our brochure based on the material from our Insider's Call.

We also have better work flow systems with the help of RozStrategies. The improved efficiency has benefited all of us in the office, especially clients.

In total, the Direct Mail, Newspaper and other referral sources, and sequential follow-up letters resulted in 55 appointments from September 25th through December 10th. We'll continue to work toward improving our average fee and close rate. The Insider's Call with Millionaire Smarts is motivating. Bottom line, without RozStrategies, I doubt we would have been able to so quickly restructure our sales, marketing and operations to our current results.