Kim Edwards CPA 


Each year I earned more and more!

"When I first came across Roz Strategies about 6 years ago, I was impressed.  Michael was enthusiastic, passionate, and most of all successful.

Originally,  I came from an MLM background and reached the highest level in the company within a few years and what Michael teaches is exactly what I did to reach my goals. The right mindset, how to close a sale and not buy other people's stories, but at the same time being confident that you will help them. Also, consistency, action and dedication are key along with a step-by-step system to follow.  I knew that Michael's program would deliver. He had all this in his proven program. 

And it delivered. I own my own CPA firm and already had a few IRS wins. I just needed a proven system to follow.  I followed it, attracted clients right away and asked for the money. Each year I earned more and more!

Whenever Michael had a new service to offer, I'd get on the call and order it because every time, every single time, I implemented it, I made more money! I am a two man show so it was difficult to print the newsletters and create a site for this revenue 6 years later, with the new and improved online system including website creation, the printed newsletters and the even better sites and training, Michael and his team are going to create the website for me!! WHAT??! incredible!! This revenue stream will potentially wipe out having to do tax returns in my practice. I'm in heaven just thinking about it!

I can just encourage you, that even if you've never done tax resolution before, Michael has all the tools to help you succeed, so trust it and get started.

From your mindset to daily habits, to training, what to say, how to get business and look professional, and how to close the sale, Michael delivers.

I'm so happy that Michael kept me in the loop and never forgot me. Not to mention that he is a super nice guy! So genuine.

I'm so excited to create my new tax resolution LLC and my new and improved revenue stream!! Full steam ahead!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Michael.