Linda Bal Esq., Chicago


I have always liked Henry Ford's words, ‘Whether you think you can, or think you can't -- you're right.' Michael Rozbruch's Tax Resolution Success Resource System has given me the resolve to, ‘Think I can master a Tax Resolution Practice!'

Michael speaks terms that are understandable and attainable. I loved Michael's statement, ‘I am in the business of marketing. The services I market are tax resolution services.' That is a key concept, which I constantly repeat to myself.

With each success, my passion grows. I am implementing one of Michael's suggestion each month.

I actually cancelled my membership with Michael's Tax and Business Solutions Academy on a Friday. Then, that weekend, I thought about how my college tennis coach had helped me go further and further with my tennis game finally reaching Senior Varsity Level. I thought that without my tennis coach, I might not have accomplished what I had. Yes I had Michael's materials. Yes I had achieved some tax resolution success; but, just like in my college tennis days, having a coach would make future achievements more attainable. I called and asked to be re-instated into Michael's Tax and Business Solutions Academy on that next Monday.