Ron Fassett, CPA, MT


$10,000 in My First 8 Weeks

I am not a very patient person, I guess. I have been feeling anxious about picking up clients. But it is starting to work. However, I just looked back at my calendar and my first letters were mailed April 27th. In the last three business days, I have picked up two clients. One owing about $28,000 and the other probably in the range of $60,000 to the IRS. Not big ones yet – but they are in that category of two $5,000 clients within the 8 weeks. Your program works. It took me some time to get things geared up. I bought your program at the beginning of December but it took me until April to start working the program because I had some other things going on that needed to be put to bed first. But here we go! And in the FYI department, besides the letters (which I am sending out 250 per week), I am running a facebook ad and a google ad as well as an ad in a local weekly advertising paper. The paper gets delivered to every house in the county via USPS. (The county has less than 9.000 homes). Anyway – as you told me = there are prospective clients everywhere in the US – even in Podunk USA!