Toph Sheldon, CPA for the Self-Employed®


Michael, thanks again to you and everyone at Roz Strategies!

Michael, I wanted to send you this note to let you know how appreciative I am of your coaching program and your entire team. Roz Strategies has changed my professional life. I'll never forget the day I sat at my computer in November and was watching your webinar broadcast with the sole intent of cramming in some year-end CPE. At the time, I knew nothing about tax resolution and had absolutely no intent of getting into the business. At the time, I was a struggling solo practitioner with very little money, a 1-year-old, and a pregnant wife at home. Despite this, immediately after your webinar ended, I made undoubtedly the best investment of my career by purchasing your Tax Resolution Success System and enrolling in your coaching program.

Since enrolling in your coaching program, every aspect of my business has changed for the better. I was skeptical at first, but can say with resounding confidence that everything you have recommended has made me money (and I've tested some others you didn't recommend and those were all losers). For other skeptical practitioners out there, take it from me, the system works. Within 5 months of sending out referral letters and newsletters, I successfully landed appointments with the following potential clients:

  1. Attorney who owed the IRS $90,000
  2. Former Financial Advisor who owed the IRS $240,000
  3. Business Owner who owed $138,000 with 3 years of unfiled returns
  4. Small Business that owed the IRS $78,000 in unpaid payroll taxes
  5. Retired CPA who lost an audit in 2001, stopped filing returns, owes $89,000 and has 13 years of unfiled returns
  6. Travel Agent who owes the IRS $450,000!
  7. And numerous others...

Unfortunately, not all of these folks became clients because I am still mastering your ‘high ticket sales strategy’. Nonetheless, without putting your system into action, I would never have had the chance to even meet with these types of clients. Within five months, I can already feel the momentum building towards being “the guy” for tax resolution in my local market. I just hope that nobody else from my local market reads this testimonial and has deeper pockets and decides to compete against me!

Michael, thanks again to you and everyone at Roz Strategies! I am so satisfied with every aspect of your program that I would do about anything to keep it out of my competitors hands. For those practitioners not in my local market, do your families a favor and enroll in this program and get in the tax resolution business. It's the best professional decision I have ever made."