The #1 Marketing Mistake


When I coach my clients and teach marketing and business strategies through my Tax & Business Solutions Academy, I teach the #1 tax resolution marketing mistake you can make: giving up too early on a strategy without properly testing it.

Marketing is a JOURNEY to support you as you work towards a destination. You create an idea, then you make it happen, then you monitor it....then you rinse repeat.  Then process starts all over again. Marketing is part of your practice and it takes practice!

It takes time to see how a radio campaign goes. It takes writing many blog posts to gather enough feedback to see what readers are reading and to have the blog work to support your search engine visibility. Paid search won't work overnight, it requires time and testing and refining to get right.

Slow and steady wins the race with marketing.  Quality efforts compound over time to make a meaningful impact.

1. Create the Idea
2. Test The Idea
3. Monitor the Idea
then rinse repeat

Here's to strategic marketing!