The 10 Most Important Words for Your Tax Resolution Practice

A lot of my members and clients have their marketing in place, working like a well-oiled machine. You might be in that category, where your phones are ringing and you know how to screen the looky-loos and tire-kickers from qualified prospects because you’re using the phone script system from the Tax Resolution Domination System. You’re scheduling appointments because you are using the scheduling appointment script. You’re also making sure that they actually show up to the appointment, whether that’s in your office or on the phone, because you’re using my reservation system. Now that the qualified prospect is sitting across the desk from you, or they are on the phone, and you’re conducting your initial consultation, how do you get the client to retain you?

Assuming you can help the prospect resolve their case and you would like to work with him or her, there are several ways you can approach this. For a soft close, the following language should be used to close the deal: “There’s a lot of work to do here to make sure we protect your income and assets and get the best possible deal from the IRS. As soon as I have a representation agreement signed, I can get to work. Can we get started today?”

The 10 Most Important Words for Your Tax Resolution PracticeAnd then you need to say the 10 most important words to make that sale happen, and they are, “What credit card do you want to put that on?” This is where I’ve noticed some of my members have trouble. They find it difficult to ask for the money or credit card up front. But it is important to learn to say this when it comes to asking for the sale. Saying those 10 words must be part of your close repertoire, and it must roll off your tongue. Each time you say,“What credit card do you want to put that on?” it gets easier than the time before.

Another example of a way to close that is a little stronger is this: “I’ll need a $2,000 [or whatever the amount should be] deposit today to get started. What credit card do you want to put that on? ” Or you can say, “I want to contact the IRS immediately to protect  you and get a collection hold on your account. I’ll be on the phone with the IRS before you’re out of the parking lot. What credit card do you want to put that on? ”

If you don’t ask for the sale, chances are you’re never going to get the prospect to retain you, and the money you’ve invested in your marketing will have been wasted. If you have to, practice saying those words to someone in your office or even say them looking in the mirror to yourself. Whatever it takes, learn those 10 words. Ask, “What credit card do you want to put this on?” and you will see a difference for the better in your close rate. When you say those 10 words and you say them correctly, you are also able to isolate objections.

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