The Average Tax Resolution Client Profile

The last two videos in my three part series about tax problem resolution dealt with the niche of tax problem resolution and why I got into it in the first place. The third video interview asks about the average profile of a IRS tax problem client. I have a lot of experience with this through processing thousands of client cases and after 16 years, an average tax problem client profile did emerge.

*(Below the video are some general characteristics of the tax resolution clients that I worked with and how important it is for practitioners to know who their ideal client is so they can laser target their marketing to them).

In my experience, the average IRS tax problem client generally followed a similar pattern:

  • They are usually male, not always but mostly.
  • They are between the ages of 37 and 58 years old.
  • They are divorced or are currently going through a divorce.
  • They have two kids.
  • They have had a history of prior substance abuse or alcoholism.
  • They have three to four years of unfiled returns and are self-employed. Note: it’s very important to know they are self-employed.
  • They fear the IRS but they also want to fix their tax issues.

Most of my clients are good people who had bad things happen to them, needed help and didn’t know where to go. Determining your average tax resolution client will help you with lead generation direct response marketing that allows you to target that profile and convert these prospects into paying clients.

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