The Dirty Dozen of Tax Resolution Marketing

This is my list of the 12 biggest common mistakes most tax resolution business owners and professionals make - the "dirty dozen" of marketing.


1. Not understanding what the cost of getting a new client is

2. Not understanding what the LIFETIME VALUE is of a new client

3. Not comprehenending the value of keeping a client long term

4. Not tracking marketing, not knowing what works or what doesn’t work

5. Being really good at what they do but no clue on how to get new customers that didn’t come by way of referral or word of mouth

6. No social media presence

7. No branded presence online

8. No way to capture leads online

9. Not communicating with their customers/fans on social media

10. No use of testimonials

11. Underestimating how long to stay a particular strategy

12. Not utilizing multiple marketing channels and not relying on just one.