The Power of Online PR - Are You Tapping It?

Mega corporations like H&R Block are getting heavily immersed in the tax resolution marketing game - a statement that there is a HUGE need for tax resolution services.

Do you know what sets you apart from other local competitors and mega-corporations?


tax_resolution_domination_system_toolkit_adI spent MONTHS getting my ready Tax Domination System & Toolkit together to show step-by-step:

  • Marketing and Sales Mastery Strategies That Work!
  • Time Tested Client Correspondence Letters
  • Web Marketing Strategies and Samples
  • Marketing Templates For Direct Mail, Brochures, Media Kits, Press Releases and much, much more!

One of the strategies I teach in my Tax Domination System & Toolkit is how to include press releases and online press releases in your marketing. When I see recent releases like this by H&R Block: I want to see my members using these strategies to get their companies out there!

Online PR isn't just for big companies, YOU TOO can tap the power of online PR to build your credibility and visibility to support your tax resolution practice's sellability.

I have examples of press releases that I used in my tax resolution company in the toolkit and you too can start learning how to write press releases to get in the Business of Growing Your Business!