Tips for a Successful Meeting with a Prospective Client

Image via You may be surprised to hear that many tax practitioners, especially the newer ones, get nervous when meeting one-on-one with a prospective tax resolution client. You're trying to convince this person that they should work with you - and pay you a lot of money - up front.

I've been a tax resolution practitioner for more than a decade and I have had one-on-ones with hundreds of people. I am here to tell you that it does get easier especially if you prepare yourself with these easy tips.

Face Fear

Fear is part of the human condition. When your thoughts turn to fear, think of this acronym for FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real and remember that 99% of the things we fear do not materialize. Figure out what is triggering this fear, acknowledge it, and don't let it define you. Once you have faced it - and decided to move forward - your fear will subside and your confident side will take over. Bringing confidence to a meeting is one of the keys to a successful outcome.

Don't Get Defensive

It is also human nature to ask questions or even challenge another person. When this happens, don't get defensive. Take a deep breath and listen to their concerns, or criticism, and do your best to go with the flow. Thinking of these difficult moments as opportunities to educate, instead of as problematic, will make the conversation go easier for you.

Short and To The Point

Nobody likes to hear anyone drone on and on. If you are going to give your prospective clients examples of your successful tax resolution cases, keep the details to a minimum and get to the point quickly. In most cases, the point that they want to hear would be how much you saved the client.

Finally, remember that while you may really want their business, they need your services just as much. Being confident and prepared will work in your favor and will most likely have a favorable end result.

Here's to your success!

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