Transform Your Practice by Helping People Solve Their IRS Problems

After getting fired from my corporate job and in debt to the tune of $100,000, I started on my dining room table in 1998 with zero clients; no prior IRS experience. My “tax” experience consisted of doing some manual 1040s for friends and family. I grew that practice to a nationally marketed powerhouse registering $23 million in sales in 2012 alone.  I experienced month over month revenue growth for 168 consecutive months. I exited that business in 2014 to teach practitioners how to end their financial struggles by empowering them to help taxpayers resolve their IRS problems ethically and with confidence.

When I first started out I learned as much as I could, although there were very limited resources on adding IRS Representation as a separate practice area to an existing tax, accounting or law practice.  I went outside the industry and attended marketing seminars and conferences, and read as many books on the subject as I could.  Eventually, after making very expensive mistakes I discovered the secret to marketing success in this unique niche.

A major revelation was how little marketing, sales and practice management support was available and that there was nowhere to get help to start in this niche.  That led to founding Roz Strategies and the Tax and Business Solutions AcademyRoz Strategies is the only organization that takes you by the hand through a tactical, step-by-step learning approach and teaches you how to successfully start and run a thriving tax resolution practice and is exclusively dedicated to tax problem resolution.

Today, besides creating the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit, a tactical done for you, step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks system, that easily bolts-on to any size practice; I’m a nationally recognized entrepreneur and regular speaker at other tax guru’s seminars and have taught literally thousands of professionals just like you how to succeed in the tax problem resolution niche.

Tax problem clients helped me grow my practice, provided me the financial freedom and independence to spend more time with my wife and kids, and provided countless other benefits.  These are benefits I would have never had if I had not discovered the secrets of attracting and getting retained by IRS tax resolution clients.

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WARNING: Adding TAX RESOLUTION To Your Existing Practice Can Double Your Income AND Change Your Life!

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