Want More Tax Resolution Leads?


If you are looking to create more tax resolution leads, get more business and get more people to hire you, then you need to get in the information business.

I discovered years ago when I ran my tax resolution business that instead of PUSHING for new clients (which = a BIG ad budget) I could offset my marketing costs by PULLING in clients with knowledge.

Sharing your information and educational content that is geared to prospects that have IRS problems casts a much wider net AND allows you to attract many more leads than aggressively marketing for cases/clients.

The name of the marketing game is to try to create as many doors as possible for clients to come through. Information content helps them get to know you, like you and trust you first.

Put information and educational content in brochures, newsletters, on your blog, in press releases and on your website. How? Simply answer questions that are going on in your target prospect’s mind.

Think like your customer - someone who has IRS tax problems:
-How do they feel?
-What do they want to know?
-What do they need to know that they don’t know they don’t know?

Do a brochure that’s 100% devoted to tax resolution, mail out a monthly newsletter to all contacts that is also devoted to tax resolution. Answer questions that someone with an IRS problem would want answers to like:

-Can I do this myself?
-Can I get the money back that the IRS just took out of my bank account?
-How do I remove the garnishment form my paycheck?
-How do I get that nasty tax lien off my property?

Information marketing equals a lot more prospects. Don’t follow the herd.

Think and do things differently than everybody else!