What You Shouldn't Be Doing to Get Tax Resolution Clients

This week I want to talk to you about something you shouldn't be doing, and that's buying leads from lead aggregators.

Watch my video to find out more about why you shouldn’t buy leads from lead aggregators.

Michael Rozbruch's video on why you shouldn’t buy leads from lead aggregators. 

In case you didn’t know, lead aggregators are firms posing as tax resolution companies that collect taxpayers’ information after responding to radio and TV commercials and then turn around and sell this information to unsuspecting practitioners as “fresh” already qualified leads mostly on a “pay-per-call” or “pay-per-inquiry” basis. They generally “promise” they will transfer these calls to you in real time during normal business hours. Or they may sell you leads they’ve received from their internet marketing efforts.

What they don’t tell you is that you’re the 4th person they sold that same lead to. They also won’t tell you that 99% of these leads are “unqualified”. In other words, they owe the IRS much less than $10,000 and in many cases just a few hundred dollars. That’s because they mostly advertise on obscure radio stations. Most of these companies are not upfront and forthright with you. Buyers beware. Be very aware.

Some of these aggregators are actually owned by the large national tax resolution firms, so they’ve already cherry picked the best leads for themselves and sell you the crumbs.

If you haven't already, watch my video to learn more about why you shouldn't buy tax resolution client leads from lead aggregators.

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