What's on the Horizon?

Roslyn and I wrote this after we returned from our second annual Tax Resolution Success Summit. It was SO exciting to see that so many of our members have taken advantage of our 50 percent member discount and signed up to join us! Roslyn, Becky, Sue, and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone who was there.

We had a keynote speaker for the first time: Kute Blackson, who is amazing and inspiring. Everyone in attendance will receive a copy of his new book, “YOU.ARE.THE.ONE.” Also, being in downtown Nashville provided plenty of opportunities for fun outside of the event. We’re already looking forward to doing it again next August, with another fun destination in mind!

Of course, ticket discounts aren’t the only tangible perks members enjoy. We like to plan ahead, and just like how we’re already putting the wheels in motion for next year’s Summit, we also spend a lot of time looking for ways to add value to our members’ experience.

We appreciate all of you and want to see you enjoy great success. At the moment, we have a number of top-secret plans in the works, but there is one thing I can share with you right now.

In November, we’re formally launching a new product: The Audit Protection Plan System and Toolkit. To put it simply, the Audit Protection Plan System and Toolkit acts as a safety net you can provide to your clients that clients WANT. With this worry-free audit protection, your clients will rest easy, knowing that if they ever get an IRA/State income tax notice, are selected for audit, or have their tax identity stolen, you’ll have their back.

I did a “soft” launch on this product last January at our MTE Conference in Orlando, and I’ve been receiving great feedback from those who have implemented this new system. One of our members, Chris Churchwell had a 96 percent client “take-rate” and generated $50,000 in PASSIVE net income this tax season alone for doing the same amount of work he was already doing.

Audit protection might sound like a lot of extra work, but what a lot of practitioners don’t realize is the IRS isn’t auditing taxpayers like they used to. Plus, this service doesn’t require any advertising, marketing or selling on your part. And with an automatic client enrollment feature that’s unique to this system, we’re seeing client participation rates between 85 and 96 percent! This one product will be a game changer for any practice.

Your client’s biggest fears are getting notices from the IRS, being audited by the IRS or having their tax identity stolen. They fear having to shell out thousands in audit or tax ID remediation fees. As their most trusted personal advisor, who knows everything about their financial affairs, they’re looking to you to provide this valuable protection. They want to know that you’re going to go “to bat” for them when these issues arise. They WANT this service from you and will pay an annual fee for this protection. For those of you who are not already providing this service you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Not only that, but this is passive income to you, meaning there is absolutely no extra work you need to do that you’re not already doing.

Oh, and did I mention a client who takes audit protection for 2017 will most likely take it every year going forward?

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