Why Add Tax Resolution to Your Business?

If you are a CPA, Enrolled Agent (EA) or attorney who is interested in upping your revenue stream and profits, adding tax resolution to your business is a good move for you. As someone who has been in the tax resolution business for 16 years, here are a few compelling reasons why:

• As an attorney, CPA, or EA, you are uniquely positioned to add tax resolution to your business because it is building on the skills and credentials that YOU ALREADY HAVE. Attorneys, CPAs, and EAs are the only three credentials that can represent clients before the IRS. Very few practitioners or firms are engaged in representing tax resolution clients because no one has shown them how to manage them.

• Just ONE IRS problem client is worth $5,000 – $6,500 and much more.

• Deadlines in tax problem resolution are much more relaxed and flexible – you can’t move April 15th or September 15th or October 15th, but if you have a meeting with a revenue agent (audit) or a Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing with a settlement officer, it can be postponed and rescheduled if there is a personal emergency or if you’re not feeling well.

• 99% of the people seeking tax resolution are good people. In most circumstances they have been through a negative life-altering event (death of a loved one or divorce or bad custody battle) that has put their taxes on a back burner.

• Since these clients seeking tax relief are good people, they are used to paying professional fees. When faced with an IRS tax problem, they know that hiring a tax professional is the right course to take and they will always “find” the money to do so.

• Over 80% of this work – such as getting documents from the client, completing the 433-A and managing the client relationship – can be done by non-licensed staff.

• Tax resolution leads to other lucrative revenue streams such as P&L preparation (for business clients with payroll tax problems), audit defense protection, and tax preparation. • Resolving tax problems and value pricing these services increases your hourly rates by 2 to 3 times and provides a steady profit stream all season long.

• Your competitors become referral sources when they know you are the local “go to” firm to help their clients with IRS problems.

• One of the biggest benefits is no accounts receivable to chase after. NO COLLECTIONS. You will have money in the bank for services you haven’t performed yet! With tax resolution, you get paid BEFORE the work is complete (and I’ll show you how)!

• The number of taxpayers in the collection division of the IRS (in 2014) was 12,400,000 – they need expert IRS Representation and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Specialization in anything– especially in tax problem resolution – is the key to your financial freedom.

I know this firsthand because I led an extremely successful tax resolution business for 16 years. I can show you how it is done with proven marketing systems and strategies that I have used time and again. What are you waiting for???

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