Why CPAs Need to Be in IRS Representation

CPAs - are you enjoying the stress of tax season? Consider trading in your tax preparation clients for more tax resolution clients.

I’m going re-address a common question for all the CPAs who are struggling in the thick of tax season (because there is a way out):

Q. “Why should I even consider doing IRS representation work?”

A. The biggest reason to choose tax resolution over tax preparation is that a tax resolution client is worth $5,000 minimum to you but that’s not the only reason why.

Another reason that CPAs need to get into tax resolution is that it’s a very specialized, niche practice which makes it a select premium service. IRS representation is not a commodity like tax preparation work. Very few practitioners and small firms are doing this. In fact, less than 5 percent of CPAs, EAs and tax lawyers are taking on IRS representation.

It’s time to start replacing your tax preparation clients with tax resolution clients.

Also, being able to resolve your client's problem and help them to avoid financial crisis is one of the most self-rewarding feelings in the world. It's about being appreciated by your client.

I built my tax resolution practice on my dining room table from scratch with no clients. Absolutely nothing. Zero to twenty million dollars in twelve years based off this system.

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