Why Marketing Is More Important Than Ever


Over the last 24-30 months there has been an “explosion” of new tax debt resolution companies coming on the scene that have increased all of our collective “cost per lead” (CPL) and cost of acquiring a new client dollars. It is estimated that are presently about 170 (compared to just 50 3 years ago) tax resolution companies, and growing, that are marketing, in a significant way, tax debt resolution services. Your prospect is being bombarded with radio, TV and internet advertisements. Even though our market of potential customers is as large as it has ever been (it’s estimated that 1 in 6, or about 17% [24 million taxpayers] of the taxpayers have an IRS problem!) it is increasingly harder for your prospect to “find you”.

If you want monthly sustainable income you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd so your clients can not only find you, but hire you!

The other main reason why NOW is the time to start or to ramp up your marketing is because the IRS enforcement budget has been slashed for the past two years. This has resulted in significantly less Levy’s, and liens being issued as well as less Revenue Officers and Revenue Agents on the ground to harass your prospects.

Let’s face it; most of our clients call us when their wages have just been garnished, their bank accounts been hi-jacked or when an RO pays them a friendly visit. If the IRS has taken their foot off the enforcement gas pedal, what do you think will happen to your business? It will, if it hasn’t already, began to, shrink!

In FY 2011 (at the height of IRS enforcement activity) there were 3.748 million levies issued compared to just 1.855 million in FY 2013. That’s an astounding 49% decrease! It’s even worse for liens. Liens issued for the same period (1.042m vs. 602k) dropped 58%! There were 19,930 ROs & RAs in 2010. In FY 2013 (the latest numbers available per IRS’s Data Book) that number has decreased to 16,982, a 14% decrease in headcount. What does all this mean?

What it means is if you’re not aggressively marketing for new clients in this “new world order” you will pay the price in decreased fee income.

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