Why Tax Resolution Practitioners Need Online Chat

One of the most effective and least expensive ways you can get retained by new tax resolution clients is by using Online Chat.

Watch my video by clicking here or below to see how it works.

Michael Rozbruch Tax Resolution Online Marketing Tip

Here is the takeaway from my video:

You want to give prospects every opportunity to contact you today. One very inexpensive way is utilizing online chat on your website.

When a visitor goes to your website and they're spending a significant amount of time on it, you can have a box pop up where you can chat with that person. It's like text messaging, and instant messaging. A lot of people today would rather receive information by text message than by a phone call, or email.

It’s important you have someone available during normal business hours monitoring and answering perspective client’s questions. The main goal of the Online Chat is to get an email or a phone number, so you can call the person back and get retained.

One of the major benefits of Online Chat is some of these applications are even free, so it's very inexpensive to put online chat on your website.

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